Two days of UX inspiration in Stockholm and Oslo

For the third year in a row, we invited the design community, Visma colleagues and design students to two full days of UX- and Service design insights and inspiration, with the goal to learn from each other and have fun!



On the 12th of September, the UX team from Visma Enterprise gathered in Stockholm to talk about Service Design, and how we are trying to integrate it into already established design processes.

These are some of the companies that joined us for our UX- & Service Design day in Stockholm.

Our Corporate UX- & Service Design Manager, Fredrik Fernberg, kicked off the day with a talk on the evolution of UX in Visma, and how we have worked our way from being a small design team of three to having a large design environment with over 85 designers today.

Following Fredrik’s talk, our UX- & Service Design Manager in the Enterprise division, Cecilie Campey,  gave a talk on her perspective on UX in Visma. Being fairly new to Visma, her talk presented a fresh perspective that highlighted some of the pros and cons of different team structures for design teams, based on her previous experience as a Design Lead at Telenor.  

Common team structures; One design team acting as a consultancy vs
One designer per development team.

While talking about what you do is great, showing it is even better! With that in mind, the visitors were invited to what we call the “Open Marketplace.” The Open Marketplace gave the visitors a chance to see what all the designers are working on. This year it was largely focused on showcasing something from our design processes, for example, how we conduct user research, how we communicate our findings to stakeholders or a method we found useful in our work. The Open Marketplace is where we really get to exchange knowledge and learn about each other’s work.

One of our UX Architects, Johan, talking about user testing mobile applications.

“We believe it is in the interaction between colleagues inside and outside of Visma we grow.” – Fredrik Fernberg


On the 17 th of October, it was time for the UX team from Visma Product Unit to gather in Oslo for their UX Day event. It was the first time that Visma UX Day took place in Oslo! The overall theme for the day was the evolution of UX in Visma and what the future holds for us.

These are some of the companies that joined us for our UX day in Oslo.

Our UX- & Service Design Manager for the Product Unit division, Anna Kirah, really got the Oslo crowd going with her talk on design strategies. Just like Cecilie, she offered a fresh perspective on UX in Visma, and presented a UX Maturity model which has been part of her initial work.

The UX Maturity model is a tool that will provide teams and individuals with a self-assessment tool of where they currently are, with corresponding tasks and methods to improve user experience throughout the development process.

Visma’s UX Maturity model.

After the talks, the visitors got the chance to ask questions during a lively panel discussion. The crowd was really on fire and we ran out of time before all questions could be answered, but we will not leave you hanging for too long! We will publish a video blog where Fredrik, Cecilie and Anna will answer the questions we didn’t get to in Oslo. 

Just like in Stockholm, the visitors were invited to join us in the Open Marketplace. We’ll let this video speak for itself!

Having the Visma UX and Service design days is one of our efforts to engage and share, but also challenge ourselves. We believe it is in the interaction between colleagues inside and outside of Visma we grow. We learn from each other and it is when we get outside of our comfort zone we get those powerful insights making us walk the extra mile.

We also believe many similar events are more focused on purely methods and is usually arranged by consultants as a sales event. We are doing this mostly to share how an in-house environment works and share our challenges and experiences. And we hope that by doing this colleagues from other in-house environments will share their experience so that we all can take UX forward and better integrate our competence and way of thinking into the fabrics of our organisations.  

Last but not least: a big THANK YOU to everyone who joined us in Stockholm and Oslo for our UX Days!


Amanda Lundius Mörck works as a UX Designer and Corporate UX Coordinator at Visma. She holds a B.Sc. in Interaction Design and believes that good UX design is responsible and mindful, meeting the goals of both people and businesses.

Fredrik Fernberg is the Corporate UX- & Service Design manager at Visma. He has a M.Sc in Cognitive psychology and is fascinated by human behaviour and the power of captivating interfaces and communication.