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Visma helps Nordic governmental giant take next steps within AI

When the Finnish Tax Agency started looking for a future partner that could help them with analysis, big data and artificial intelligence, they decided on going into the project with Visma Consulting Oy. Together, they found new ways of working and investing in efficiency by taking advantage of the many possibilities that come with AI.

Visma helps Nordic governmental giant take the next steps within AI

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As one of Europe’s leading software companies, we put a great deal of effort into applying AI and other new technologies to create automated solutions that improve our customers’ processes. 

The Finnish Tax Agency, like its counterparts in other countries, is a large authority with a mission that intervene in the everyday lives of all citizens. It, therefore, makes sense to invest in digitalisation and seek new technical solutions that facilitate and streamline tasks and activities.

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New ways of working

Artificial intelligence offers great opportunities to manage and benefit from large amounts of data. 

This way, AI also provides the conditions for a fundamental change in an organisation’s way of working. 

– We at Visma create business value for our customers through automation of processes, improved usability, increased insight or knowledge, and increased quality, says Richard Börjesson, CEO of Swedish Visma Consulting AB.

Behind the Finnish Tax Agency’s decision, there was a need for expert resources to support the Tax Agency’s digitisation process and the development of new and existing systems – as well as other IT expertise within the authority’s area of ​​operation. 

The value of the contract is estimated at EUR 22 million during the contract period and may increase to EUR 38 million.

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An investment in efficiency

– We are very pleased to be able to provide the Finnish Tax Agency with our expertise in artificial intelligence, big data, and qualified analysis. The Tax Agency is one of a number of Finnish authorities that are very advanced in their digitisation and it is natural that they invest a lot in using data more efficiently. 

We at Visma have, during recent years, developed solutions and expertise in artificial intelligence and robotics, and it is fantastic to see that the Finnish Tax Agency is now at the forefront by adopting these techniques, says Petri Lillberg, CEO of Visma Consulting Oy.

We invest both in the development of AI components and in the development of skills to find ways to use the new technology to create value for our customers. 

One example is chat or voice-based interaction between users and systems so that the user can easily ask questions about the system. Another example is that we have collected large amounts of data about how a system is used, and through this, we have been able to adapt the user interface to each and every user. 

Big data analytics can be used to predict revenue and profits in companies and also create ready-made texts that describe trends and discrepancies. We also currently have customers that are testing standardised software robots that automate and simplify system use.

What all these projects have in common is to solve actual problems for our customers. And we will see even more ideas and opportunities in the future.

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