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Visma TechZone—a hub for technology and competence sharing

With new technology comes new opportunities–and new challenges. What does better data and analytics mean for our society, and where is machine learning and AI taking us? With our new initiative, TechZone, experts within and outside of Visma, will give you a deep dive into how new technologies will drive us forward.

Visma TechZone first TechTalk

Interested in learning more about technological trends, and where our society is heading? Visit our new TechZone where you’ll find TechTalks, and information about how you can become the next TechTalk speaker. 

In Visma TechZone, you will in the upcoming weeks find videos and on-demand webinars from industry experts who share their knowledge about a whole range of topics within the world of technology. These topics include machine learning and artificial intelligence, data analysis, data science, and more. 

Delivering behavioural data analytics capabilities at scale and in real-time

In the first episode of TechTalk, Data Scientist in Visma, Brian Ye, talks about “Delivering behavioural data analytics capabilities at scale and in real-time“.

In relation to the enormous development that is happening in cloud services, we can see an explosion of opportunities to utilise data. One of the most important benefits of cloud services is that we more easily understand our customer needs through product and event data.

However, the challenge is not to obtain data, but how to use the data properly while respecting privacy, data quality and efficiency. Snowplow is an open source solution that enables us to do this, where we can host our own event analysis platform in our own cloud environment.

This TechTalk takes you through why event analysis is such an important topic. We get an introduction to the Snowplow technology and how public cloud technology is an activator for this. You will also learn more about why owning your own data platform is beneficial and how you can deliver behavioural data with Snowplow.

Don’t have time to watch the webinar? Listen on the go!

What is Visma TechZone?

We strongly believe that talented people want to work with other talented people. This is why we want to show who we are, what competences we have, and give you a glimpse into the exciting technology projects we are working on. 

Technology drives the world forward, but we need more talented minds who can help us to create innovation and develop Visma as an IT and technology company. 

With Visma TechZone, we want to build a portal with information and content for developers and people with technical IT expertise. The platform, which is part of our API portal, will contain information about Visma’s APIs, technical webinars and blog posts as well as job opportunities in Visma for developers and technical IT resources.

Through the TechTalks, we will showcase our experts within IT and technology, the expertise we possess and all the opportunities that exist in Visma when it comes to working with interesting technology and engaging digitisation projects. 

In the upcoming weeks, you will find webinars about cyber security, machine learning, the possibilities in Reliability engineering and Medžiūnas Software architecture. And this is just the beginning!

We also want you to take part: Do you want to become the next TechTalk speaker? Or simply want to get access to all the webinars?

Visit the website to subscribe to the tech talks, sign up to become a speaker or watch the webinars that you find most interesting.

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