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Welcome to our new blog experience!

After several years of loyal service, our blog has received a fresh coat of paint and some adjustments under the hood. So what have we changed to improve your experience?

New look and feel on the Visma blog
Welcome to our new blog experience!

Here’s what we’ve improved

“With this new blog, we aim to deliver an equally good experience on all devices, and provide a better user experience through a functional and visual upgrade.”

Overall look and feel

The new blog front page with trending topics, search and editor's pick

We simplified the design to make it easier to find what you’re looking for, as well as speed up page loading time.

Search and filter

Search and filter module

Want to find information on a specific topic or category, or in a certain format? Use the new search feature to narrow down the results.

Trending topics

Trending topics module

Want to know which topics others are finding useful? We’ll show you right at the top of the page.


Podcast module

Did you know we have some great podcasts on a number of topics? You can find and play them directly from the blog, now available on the Norwegian blog. 


New sharing options

Sharing articles just got easier. When you want to share an article, just use the Share buttons on the top left.


Upgrading the blog has been a fun and enlightening process for us. From the beginning, we set out to create something with you in mind, thinking about ease of use, readability, and ultimately giving you a simple and informative experience. We hope you like it!

Want to explore more of the updated blog?

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