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Welcome to our newest Visma companies! (Q1 2024)

We’ve had some exciting new additions to our portfolio this year. Let’s get to know the superstars who have joined us and the brilliant solutions they bring to the table.

The first three months of 2024 have been a whirlwind of activity, and we’re excited to say that eight new companies have joined the Visma family so far! Our ecosystem now includes over 180 companies across Europe and Latin America – making our teams and our product offerings more diverse than ever before. So today, we’d like to celebrate this milestone and introduce you to our newest companies. 

Let’s meet the new roster.

ZeBon (Denmark)

Since 2009, ZeBon has created solutions that make expense management easy and efficient. They currently help over 546,000 users across 64 countries handle expenses, credit cards, driving, time registration, and invoices faster than ever before. As a bonus, their flagship solution zExpense already integrates with several Danish Visma products, such as e-conomic, Dinero, and Visma net ERP.

When asked about this acquisition, Heiko Bonenkamp, Business Area Director, couldn’t have been more excited: “ZeBon has managed to create a healthy business with local roots and international presence, and where the focus has been to develop a solid product. They are a strong addition to the Visma family.”

Syntegro (Belgium)

Syntegro was founded in 2007 by four engineers with an entrepreneurial dream. The Belgian HR tech company provides flexible workforce management to nearly 700 customers with 20 to 40,000 employees who use it every day. What makes them truly unique is that their software package is entirely configurable and can evolve with every company and legislation, making the tool future-oriented and ensuring customers are secured for a longer period of time.

“Syntegro has become the absolute reference in the field of workforce management solutions on the Belgian market”, says Frank de Weser, Managing Director of Syntegro. “We have also been on the rise in The Netherlands for some time now. Thanks to Visma, we will now be able to accelerate our international growth even more.”

Krogdirekt (Sweden)

Krogdirekt is the restaurateur’s friend and helps restaurants thrive and grow. In 2006, they became a market leader in purchasing cooperation, covering most of southern and central Sweden. They provide financing options and contract analysis to alcohol permits, lease negotiations, and more.

“This acquisition develops and improves our overall offer to those active in the restaurant industry. And Krogdirekt’s roughly 1,000 customers also means a strong growth of Visma Advantage’s business in the middle parts of Sweden”, says Henrik Salwén, CEO of Visma Advantage.

InvoiceXpress (Portugal)

Lisbon-based InvoiceXpress specialises in electronic invoicing solutions, tax management, and VAT reporting. Founded in 2009, they simplify invoicing for 12,000 customers across segments. And, in practical terms, that means issuing over 1.5 million documents monthly.

Rui Pedro Alves, CEO of InvoiceXpress, sums up this exciting new venture best: “This is a moment of celebration for all of us. Joining Visma will open up a wide range of unparalleled opportunities and resources. It will also enable us to further enhance the quality and performance of InvoiceXpress, ensuring our customers an exceptional experience.”

Chaintrust (France)

Founded in 2018, Chaintrust provides automated accounting entry for digital accountants in France. Their software decreases the need for manual data entry for over 600 client firms. Along with fellow French company Inqom, which Visma acquired in 2022, they’re helping to empower Visma customers with a complete range of accounting services.

“Joining the Visma Group provides Chaintrust with new opportunities for growth, development,  and innovation”, explains Mikael Gandon, CEO of Chaintrust. “It is also a real opportunity to create synergies with all the companies in the group.”

Teledec (France)

Since 2010, Teledec has specialised in helping companies and professionals declare tax returns online. The company is accredited by the French government as an EDI partner and is renowned for its user-friendly tax filing service.

When asked about this new opportunity in France, Business Area Director Olivier Constant had this to say: “The unique industry expertise of Teledec will enable us to offer all clients within the Visma ecosystem a cutting-edge tax filing solution. This acquisition aligns with the Group’s strategic mission to optimise accounting management through an ecosystem of integrated and innovative solutions.”

Vesitieto (Finland)

Vesitieto provides invoicing and reporting software designed for the needs of water supply. Today, their products are used by almost all of Finland’s largest water utilities. And that affects over one million Finnish water consumers.

Harri Kaijalainen, CEO of Suomen Vesitiedo sees a really bright future ahead: “With the help of our service, we have been able to make the everyday life of water utilities easier, bring efficiency and real-time monitoring, which we are really proud of. We want to make sure that our solution will continue to be the best on the market and we will be able to expand to the areas of heat, gas, and waste management as well. We feel that Visma is best able to support this development.”

Vieri (Norway)

Founded in 2017, Vieri supplies digital procurement solutions for public and private enterprises in Norway. Their innovative software brings buyers and suppliers closer together and simplifies the entire purchasing process for all parties.

“By becoming part of Visma, we ensure that product development and growth continue to have the highest priority at Vieri. For our customers, this will mean an even stronger ‘purchase to pay’ solution, with seamless integration between the ERP system, incoming invoice, and order”, says Brikt Grendar, General Manager at Vieri.

We’re always on the lookout for one-of-a-kind entrepreneurs and software companies like yours to join the Visma family!

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