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– Coding gives me the same dopamine boost as gaming

Kasper is a computer scientist from Zealand – Sjællands Erhversakademi, Denmark, who has landed at the exact right place: In Visma, he can bring his hobby to work.

Meet one of our developer graduates: Kasper
Kasper is a computer scientist from Zealand – Sjællands Erhversakademi, who has landed at the exact right place. In Visma, he can bring his hobby to work.

This blog post was originally published on our Danish blog. You can read the original version here (text in Danish). 

– I’m really lucky that my work is also my hobby

Kasper has always been interested in IT and development, and so there were no surprises when he chose that career path. After joining one of Visma’s graduate programs, he just knew that he was in the right place: In Visma Consulting, he’s able to combine his interests with work:

“I spend much of my time outside of working hours on gaming, which gives me the same dopamine boost as I get when coding. I’m really lucky that my work is also my hobby.”

Kasper is a graduate in Visma Consulting, and he works with the client SKAT daily, where he gets the opportunity to develop and build something from scratch. This is exactly what makes everyday life fun and challenging:

“At SKAT, I build the entire skeleton up to the code we use, making sure that it all makes sense. It’s almost like assembling a puzzle. I’m really passionate about that–building something that others can use in real life.”

He’s also proud of how far his team has come with the solution since he joined the project when he started as a graduate.

“I’m still working on the project that I joined when I started as a graduate, and I’m proud of how much work we have put down and how far we have come. We’re getting closer and closer to the goal, and it’s cool to be a part of it. ”

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Focus on unity and development

It’s a privilege to work in a company where there is a focus on both unity and development. Togetherness is often what keeps one motivated in times when it can be really busy and stressful at work. 

For Kasper, it is especially the good relationship between colleagues that make him happy and motivated at work:

“Good colleagues, the ambition to achieve the goal together, and the fact that you are not alone at work is very good for job satisfaction. You should not be afraid to reach out and ask for help”.

For Kasper, taking initiative is the key to success: 

“Take initiative, and be proactive. Ask, listen, and do not forget to be active on LinkedIn. These are appealing traits in an employee, and makes you stand out from the crowd.”

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