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With the right set of people there is no limit to what we’re able to achieve together.

If you are ambitious, driven and have an inquiring mind, and want a career within IT and cloud software, Visma is a company filled with opportunities.

As a Visma employee we allow for personal and professional growth, and help you reach your career goals. Our company culture is characterized by our entrepreneurial origin and flexible workplace. We move fast. Decision processes are short. And employees are empowered with responsibilities.

We are always on the lookout for the best talent out there, student, graduate or seasoned professional. Join the ambition today!

Take a look at open positions and trainee programs we offer across Europe by clicking on the countries below or view all open positions here.

We are looking for new talent in developing our HRM software!

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To see all other open positions in Visma, click on the countries above. 

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