From IT graduate to software developer

From IT graduate to software developer

Thais, one of our Danish colleagues, is both a trained software engineer and a media scientist. The combination of the two educations has allowed him to tailor his competencies and put his personal touch on his work assignments as a Visma graduate. Read about his journey from IT graduate to software developer and engineer in Visma. 

This blog post was originally published on our Danish blog, and you can find the article here  (written in Danish). 

– As a graduate in Visma, you get a combination of academic learning and social experience that is really cool

Thais started his career as a freelancer, and despite already being in a professionally challenging environment, he felt something was missing. He applied for the Visma graduate program, a program that focuses on talent development and the balance between being in a professional and social environment.  

“The combination of academic learning and the social environment you get to experience in Visma as a graduate is really cool. You are constantly challenged and the learning curve is steep. Also, you are quickly given a lot of responsibility and allowed to work in many different parts of a project,” Thais explains.

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“Satisfied employees are good employees”

As an IT graduate, Thais is working on a major project, where he as a software developer works in both C#, AngularJS, and Typescript in front-end and back-end.

“Sometimes I also get thrown into CRM assignments, but that’s exactly what I think is pretty cool about the project. It is a huge project that we are involved in, and within the team, we are allowed to work and contribute to all parts of the project. ”

Since the team that Thais sits in is not that big, the challenges that may arise are also resolved fairly quickly. The social aspect of working within the team is another thing that Thais highly appreciates. 

“The “happy employees are good employees” mentality shines through in Visma. It was very important to me that emphasis was placed on well-being and social life when I applied for the graduate position ”.

For Thais, it was the opportunity to create a strong network and a good foundation for some career relationships that led him to apply to Visma’s graduate program. The work tasks are tangible, and you can see how your solutions mean something to the customer. 

You don’t get lost in the crowd nor feel like a small fish in a large ocean. You are in close contact with the customer and you get hands-on experience immediately. There is a close collaboration with the customer and thus also direct feedback and a rapid execution process.

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A focus on the social aspect of work

Social life both in and out of the office is important, and everyone is encouraged to participate in social happenings.

“If you show interest in participating in social events, you can gain a lot–what you give is what you get.”

For Thais, the social life in Visma has also been the very starting point of a new experience: starting a band together with colleagues. 

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Thais’ advice to future visma graduates

“Before applying to Visma’s graduate program, it’s a good idea to read up on the company and become familiar with what they do, and what their company culture is like. They have a reference page where you can gain insight into their projects, which give you insight into what kind of projects you might be able to work on, and what might be of interest to you. 

I can definitely recommend applying if you are considering applying for a graduate position.”

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