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How UX can improve every part of a business

As the only trainee with a background in UX in this year’s Management Trainee program, Anna has learned how UX can improve every part of the business.

How UX can improve every part of a business
How UX can improve every part of a business

We are now halfway through our 4th and our second last project as trainees. I think I can speak for us all when I say that we’ve learned incredibly much during this year.

My four projects have been quite different, but the they had one thing in common: I got to put my background within UX and good usability into practice. 

I am the only trainee with a background in UX this year. I have studied IT engineering with a master’s in UX, which means that I understand both technology and usability. This is something that has helped me a lot in my projects here at Visma!

It is easy to think that UX is only about designing products for end-users, but it is so much more than that. For me, UX has been a useful and helpful concept in all my projects.

My first three projects had a clear use of UX. In my first project, I designed dashboards for customer feedback data. In my second project, I took part in the pre-project of a new app where the design and technology use was decided for the future development of the app.

In my third project, I created and designed a new feature for one of Visma’s products. All of these projects have quite clear use of UX in them.

Now in my fourth project, I’m working with data management and solving problems that occur in a Visma business when using data. This might not sound like a problem for which UX is necessary, but it is! Even when it comes to data and the way we use data, the ease of my colleagues when working with data is important.

I’ve used UX to define current problems in using data in our workday and to identify how we can make it easy for someone without technical understanding to work with data themselves. This also involves how we can remove regular errors in data that occur because of human error or that systems are used the wrong way.

I always ask myself, “Is this the easiest way for this person to perform this task?” or “What would be the ideal way to work with this?”. UX is also great for finding opportunities for improvement in daily work. That could be to use AI or to automate a task that is often repeated and time-consuming.

Regardless of what part of our business you look at, you can use UX to improve their processes and workday. It can be any subject from sales to when it’s suitable to use AI.

Usability is something that is needed in more than just product design, and I think people tend to forget that. UX is something that I believe can improve entire businesses. Good usability equals happy users and happy colleagues.

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