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Introducing the UX Marathon – a practice of Lean UX in Visma

As the autumn storms approach and the Swedish afternoons keep getting shorter, a large part of the UX community in Visma (in total consisting of 65 UX practitioners) gather in Stockholm to completely immerse into the user centered design process for three full days. For the second year in a row, Visma UX is getting lined up for the UX Marathon.

Introducing the UX Marathon - a practice of Lean UX in Visma
Introducing the UX Marathon – a practice of Lean UX in Visma

Visma UX is a multifaceted community within Visma, geographically spread within the Nordic countries, the Baltic states, Romania and Ireland, providing user intelligence and high end design to the development of strategies, services and products. However versatile, we all share a common ground in our understanding and application of the user centered design approach).

The UX Marathon is a way for us in the UX community to get together and share our knowledge and experiences, and at the same time deliver concrete value to Visma at large.

Visma UX Marathon at a glance

The UX Marathon:

  • is an annual, three day, full time event for Visma UX practitioners
  • is focused on a specific service or product within the Visma portfolio
  • consists of 4 – 7 teams with 3 – 6 participants in each, where the participants work together in their teams during the whole event
  • requires strong engagement and presence of the Product Owner(s) and other stakeholders of the service or product under study
  • lets the participating teams carry out the full user centered design process for the service or product under study – a hands-on practice in lean UX
  • includes mandatory user research with real end users
  • is summarized with show and tell sessions where all the teams demonstrate their findings and solutions to the stakeholders of the service or product under study

Why a UX Marathon?

The UX Marathon concept has proven to be straightforward to plan and carry out, yet very suitable for delivering several desired effects:

  • UX practitioners within Visma work closely together with colleagues who they rarely meet, which opens up to knowledge sharing and an exchange of experiences that every participant benefits from. Knowledge grows on an individual and group level.
  • The professional relationships that are established during the Marathon’s intense teamwork leads to larger and stronger professional networks for all participants, which benefits both the individual and the units within Visma.
  • The UX community delivers real and tangible value to the participating Visma company, which has led to that today there are several services and products in line, wanting to be the focus of the next UX Marathon.
  • The UX Marathon helps promote UX within Visma, and increases the understanding of the benefits of a user centered approach amongst colleagues in other fields.
  • The UX Marathon is an excellent opportunity for Visma UX to test, evaluate and further improve the guidelines, methods and tools we use to carry out our profession on a daily basis.

Kenneth Matsson works at Visma Services overseeing their main product MyVisma so that it offers the best value for its users.

As a Product Owner, I consider it a great luxury to have the full attention of a large team of skilled UX professionals on my specific product for three full days! I look forward to participating in the UX Marathon, and of course, to take part of the insights and design solutions that the teams will deliver.

Stay tuned for more updates about Visma UX-marathon activities and more!

Jenny Johansson & Fredrik Fernberg
Corporate UX

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