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Meet our employees – This is Pasi

Pasi works as a Web Specialist at Visma. Read this blog post to get to know him better.

Meet our employees - This is Pasi

Name: Pasi Örn

Nationality: Finland

Job: Web Specialist at Visma Software Oy

What do you do in Visma?

I have been working in Visma for almost 12 years. I have mainly worked with marketing, but I was also in the IT department for two years.

Virtual studio

Today my main focus is digital marketing (or is there actually any marketing that is not digital anymore?). I’m looking into how we can develop marketing, and how we can use new tools and ideas to strengthen the way we do marketing now, and in the future. I’m also responsible for how we measure marketing activities. In regards to analytics, I have for instance introduced the REAN-framework (reach, engage, activate, nurture).

Additionally, I shoot and edit videos. I have built a green screen studio at the office and we can now use virtual studio backgrounds for our videos. I’m also “the voice” in Visma Finland. My voice has been used in numerous videos, TV and radio ads, and in phone switchboard systems.

What are you working with now?

My focus now is the marketing automation tool Eloqua. Acting as an Eloqua ambassador in Finland, I’m trying to help our team and other business units to succeed with this tool.

How is it to work at Visma?

Visma has been and is still a great place to work. I love the fact that I have colleagues from different countries and the knowledge sharing is great. You will never be alone, as you can always count on the help from colleagues.

“I love the fact that I have colleagues from different countries and the knowledge sharing is great”

What is your favourite activity outside of work?

I produce and host one of the most popular technology indie podcast in Finland called PuhujainKulma (Speakers Corner). The weekly podcast started in 2006 and I was a panelist on the show. From 2008, I have hosted and produced the show.  The podcast just reached 350 episodes. The PuhujainKulma podcast has been played on the local radio station in the Helsinki area in both 2009 and 2015.

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