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Visma Management Trainee period: Expectation vs. Reality

Read about Julie’s experiences being a Visma Management Trainee.


August 29 2016, I entered the Visma building at Skøyen with butterflies in my stomach in my finest work attire to start my Management Trainee period. One of the first questions we were asked was “What are your expectations for the trainee period?”. I was quite nervous when it was my turn to answer because although I of course had enormously high expectations for the year, I didn’t really know what to expect. Naturally, I knew I would be the Project Manager of five projects, but other than that my mind was pretty blank. My expectations looked something like this:


Now, when I’ve just started my fourth project, I know that the reality is pretty different. Because alongside working with the projects (which all have been super exciting and interesting, just so that it is said) the trainees also get the opportunity to experience lots of exciting other things.

So, for those of you who are wondering how it’s really like to be a Management Trainee in Visma, let me share some of my experiences. This illustration doesn’t even cover half of the fun things I have gotten to experience, but it sums up some of the highlights.

Riga, Trondheim, Växjö & Stockholm

During the first weeks at Visma we received training in everything from presentation technique, Google Sheets and Project Management. Since there only are twelve of us, there was time and room for discussions during the training, which made it very valuable and of course fun.

The first week of the Management Trainee period was kicked off with an unforgettable trip to Norefjell with all the trainees. When we returned, it was time to start my first project. Already on the first day my Project Owner informed me that I would be going to Riga the week after for a kick-off. Yay! Right after that, I got the opportunity to participate at two recruiting events at NTNU in Trondheim where I studied. Of course I couldn’t say no to that either.

A while into the first project period, we were asked to be responsible for the Christmas party entertainment.We embarked upon the challenge with a good dose of self-irony, and managed to produce a great result (at least in our opinion!), while having endless laughs along the way.

During my second project period, another trainee and myself got the opportunity to hold a programming course for everyone working with HR in Visma. Although I was quite busy with my project at that time, this was an opportunity we couldn’t turn down. The content of this course was actually the inspiration for my fourth project where I’ll help the HR department automate their processes. I am so happy I grasped this opportunity!

When it was time to plan the third project, I really wanted to have a project abroad. I ended up going to Stockholm and Växjö in Sweden. I got a cozy little apartment in the center of Stockholm and got to experience everything the amazing Swedish capital has to offer together with the Swedish trainees.

In between the project periods, all the trainees meet up in different cities to reflect upon the previous project periods and to learn more about Visma. In January, we all met up in Stockholm where we got to learn more about project management and Visma’s M&A Strategy. So interesting!

Last but not least, I’ve been to heaps of after work parties and other social gatherings with my colleagues and had countless “Fika” breaks with my amazing trainee friends that really have become friends for life.

Final thoughts

Of course, this way of working demands you stay on top of everything that is happening. We manage multiple projects at the same time, but we are also able to say no if something is too much to take on. Do you, just like me,  like that no day is the same, enjoy challenges and want to be a part of an amazing trainee network? Then I am absolutely certain that Visma’s Trainee Program is something for you too!

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