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Working together to promote women in tech

Some of the earliest pioneers of computing were women. But considering the gender gap in the tech industry today, there is still an urgent call for more role models for women and girls. We have partnered with several organisations that promote women in tech, and together, we work towards a more diverse industry.

Making diversity and inclusion part of our company culture is something we are passionate about. Research shows that organisations with diverse workforces lead to more creative teams and increase their bottom line. 

By supporting strong initiatives that promote diversity, we can accelerate our progress by combining resources. In the past few years, we have partnered with some great organisations that work towards closing the gender gap and making tech an inspiring field for women. 

SHE community

SHE Community’s main agenda is to close the gender economic gap. They host the annual SHE Conference – Europe’s largest gender diversity conference, offer events, study and mentor programs, and act as consulting partners to businesses in Norway and abroad. They believe that it is crucial to take action now to create change that will reduce the gender pay gap. 

They are also behind the SHE index, which focuses on important aspects of gender equality, calculating as SHE Index score from 0 to 100 summarising how well the company performs on questions answered by their employees. This year’s index will be launched in March.

The SHE conference, which this year is held in three different places, will be hosted in Oslo on 17 March, Stockholm on 24 March and Helsinki on 30 March, with a large number of domestic and international speakers. For Oslo, the guest list includes former Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg, Meta’s vice president Nicola Mendelsohn and Asif Sadiq, Senior Vice President at WarnerMedia for Equity and Inclusion among others. The speaker lists for Stockholm and Helsinki are yet to be announced.

Women in Tech

Women in Tech started with a breakfast meetup to put the spotlight on women in the tech teams. It has now grown into the largest annual event for women in the tech industry in the Nordics. 

They work towards getting women to join the world of technology and help develop and keep those already in the industry.  By providing a network of peers and by showcasing brilliant female experts, visionaries, leaders and explorers, they inspire women to consider a future in technology.

Visma is a supporting partner in both Sweden and Finland since 2020. As partners, we provide insights from our experts and teams on the work we do and the decisions we make, contributing to the movement and making a difference together.

This year’s Women in Tech conference will be held in Stockholm on May 13.

Mimmit Kooda

The purpose of Mimmit koodaa (in English: women coding) is to increase equality in the Finnish software industry by breaking the stereotype that coding is only for men. Their association represents over 600 software companies and their leaders, and the program is now over 6000 women strong.

The program’s core is to provide easily accessible coding workshops free of charge for women interested in coding but who have no previous experience. The program is powered by the Finnish Software and E-business Association and its member companies. 

Through the support of Visma and other software and e-business companies, Mimmit kooda is working to make positive change and give future generations an equal opportunity to study and flourish in the IT field, especially in the software industry.

Equality check

Equality check is a platform for anonymous reviews about equal opportunity and inclusion in the workplace. They have a transparent and data-driven approach to catalyse positive change.

Employees can use the platform to leave anonymous reviews about equal opportunity, workplace culture, work/life balance, the management’s commitment to diversity and more. Their belief is that it is possible to create a better workplace for everyone through transparency and accountability. 

Employers benefit from becoming aware of how their employees feel about their culture. Those who score well will be rewarded by having a platform to attract the best talent from a diverse candidate pool. For employers who want to improve, they have developed tools to support them. Their unique approach combines qualitative and quantitative data for workplaces to go from insight to action.

Visma is a founding partner of the organisation. We were one of the first companies to fund their research project to find evidence-based solutions to improve corporations’ diversity. Together, we are encouraging people to get on board and increase transparency at the workplace.

Leave your own review or search for companies at Equality check.

Learn more about diversity and inclusion at Visma

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