The Visma Group

The Visma Group comprises five software business areas which correspond with Visma’s strategic positions in important segments: SMB, Enterprise, Commerce Solutions, Custom Solutions and Retail. Visma is present in twelve countries with a pivot in Northern Europe. Our headquarter is located in Oslo, Norway.

The Visma Group in brief

CEO: Øystein Moan

Revenue 2017: NOK 9,146 million

EBITDA 2017: NOK 2,096 million

Employees 2018: 8,500

Customers 2018:  800,000 


Øystein Moan Visma CEO

One step ahead

We provide solutions that keep our customers one step ahead of their competition. In optimising for efficiency, the goal posts are constantly being moved. There will always be parts of an operation that can be performed more efficiently – or automated altogether. At Visma, we aim to provide solutions and software that are of such high quality that they turn our customers’ business and administrative processes into competitive advantages. That means offering world-leading solutions today, as well as tapping into the opportunities tomorrow's technology offers. 

Key figures

Revenue per segment

  • SMB: NOK 3,595 M

  • Enterprise: NOK 2,332 M

  • Retail: NOK 1,055 M

  • Custom Solutions: NOK 1,238 M

  • Group HQ and IT: NOK 119 M

  • Commerce Solutions: NOK 806 M

Revenue per country

  • Norway: NOK 3,430 M

  • Sweden: NOK 2,998 M

  • Finland: NOK 1,277 M

  • Denmark: NOK 990 M

  • The Netherlands: NOK 326 M

  • Latvia: NOK 69 M

  • Others: NOK 56 M

Employees per division 
(as per June, 2018)

  • SMB: 2,472

  • Enterprise: 2,073

  • Retail: 678

  • Custom Solutions: 1,259

  • Commerce Solutions: 534

  • Group HQ and IT: 129


Øystein Moan


Since taking the reins in 1997, Moan has led Visma to become one of the most innovative companies in the Nordic region. He has taken the company from 300 to more than 7,000 employees, and increased revenue from EUR 30 million to EUR 900 million.

Contact Øystein Moan

Tore Bjerkan


As CFO, Bjerkan has steadily led Visma through healthy and continuous financial growth. The former founder of Multisoft (a part of the merger on which Visma was established) is involved in all decisions that could possibly affect Visma’s financial results.

Contact Tore Bjerkan

Eivind Gundersen

Division Director, Visma Commerce Solutions

As Director of Visma Commerce Solutions, Gundersen is in charge of providing our customers with efficient and easy to use business admin solutions and new and innovative solutions within the area of cash flow optimisation and financial services. Eivind Gundersen and his team have the experience and ability to develop all the opportunities the changing business environment provides.  

Contact Eivind Gundersen

Steffen Torp

Division Director, Visma Software SMB

As Director of the Software SMB Division, Torp is in charge of providing small company owners and medium-sized businesses with cloud ERP software that supports business growth and efficiency. Providing customers with user-friendly, flexible solutions that enable them to manage time and resources effectively is a top priority for Steffen Torp and his team. His experience from working with small internet startups combined with many years in Visma's finance department gives him a dual perspective of the efficient finance operation of both small and medium-sized businesses. 

Contact Steffen Torp

Nils Vold – Managing Director, Enterprise Solutions, Visma Software GLA

Nils Vold

Division Director, Visma Enterprise

The division provides full-scale ERP and HRM systems for complex businesses along with public sector production systems for areas such as school administration, care for the elderly, and child protective services. Both government organization and private enterprises are in a state of transition, migrating from on premise systems to cloud solutions – With a combination of technical and business skills Nils Vold has the expertise to succeed with this cloud transformation - and his experience with M&A is important for the future strategy in Visma Enterprise.

Contact Nils Vold

Carsten Boje Møller

Division Director, Visma Custom Solutions

Handling – and winning – the largest ICT contracts in the public sector, this division combine the highest professional standards with an unwavering customer value. Boje Møller leads by example, and the former IT consultant’s experience is valuable for all aspects of his job.

Contact Carsten Boje Møller

Peter Fischer

Division Director, Visma Retail

Knowing sales inside out is a great attribute when leading Visma’s Retail IT division. With the region’s largest retailers amongst their customers, Fischer and his team go out of their way to deliver value-adding solutions – from the sales point to the head office.

Contact Peter Fischer

Espen Håkonsen

Chief Information Officer

IT service delivery in the digital age means rapid growth and major changes as emerging technologies introduce paradigm shifts. Cloud service delivery is the next major driver. Success in changing environments requires the ability to innovate, design and deliver while providing steady and secure IT deliveries. Having the capability to design and implement this value chain in the form of services is critical to the future success of Visma IT and its mission of delivering business value. Espen brings broad IT experience, ranging from technical operations to top management, from both the private and the public sector.

Contact Espen Håkonsen

Mikael Männik

Director of Mergers & Acquisitions

With strategic acquisitions an important factor in Visma’s growth, Männik has since 2010 had to make full use of his diplomacy skills and excellent financial insight. Männik and his highly skilled team of financial analysts and experts are hands-on throughout all Visma’s M&A processes.

Contact Mikael Männik

Aase Settevik

Director of Brand & Communication

Through a systematic and long-term effort, Settevik has turned Visma into a highly recognized and trusted brand. Overseeing marketing and communication resources in five countries and across a myriad of entities, her conviction of the value of a strong master brand has certainly come to fruition.

Contact Aase Settevik

Jørn Ludahl

Director Customer Loyalty

With the clear-cut objective of improving customer loyalty, Ludahl has become the symbol of the Net Promoter Score program. Through his efforts all Visma entities are dedicated to measure and improve customer experience and loyalty – a vital step in ensuring organic growth.

Contact Jørn Ludahl

Merete Hverven 

Chief HR Officer

Promoting Visma as a desirable place to work as well as improving employee satisfactions, are both vital in order to attract the top talents Visma require. As Chief HR Officer, Hverven has systemized and coordinated Visma’s joint HR efforts across all entities.

Contact Merete Hverven

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