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PinkWeb joins the Visma group

PinkWeb joins the Visma group

Visma has acquired Pink Web Applications B.V., supplier of Client Online,  an innovative customer interaction platform for accounting firms and their clients.
Quarterly report, Q2 2018

Quarterly report, Q2 2018

Visma had another strong quarter with excellent top-line revenue and continued profit growth. Total revenue growth was 26.1% while EBITDA grew strongly as well by 23.5% over Q2 2017 to reach NOK 577 million.

Visma acquires Raet

Visma has acquired 100 percent of the shares of Raet.

Visma strengthens position in property management solutions

Visma has acquired Agenteq Solutions Oy, developer of market-leading Tampuuri software and services. Tampuuri software is utilised for managing over a million homes and 74,000 real estate properties in Finland.

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