Comment from the Sustainability team

In 2023, we were able to take big strides for sustainability at Visma. From our new sustainability policy and targets, to various initiatives to improve energy efficiency, to our industry-leading employee engagement, we have set the groundwork for improved sustainability performance in the coming years.

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In 2023, we were able to take big strides for sustainability at Visma. Most noteworthy is that we conducted a double materiality assessment and made comprehensive updates to our Sustainability Policy with established targets for all material topics, including climate targets that are aligned with the 1.5 degree trajectory. In addition, we moved all of our internal sustainability reporting to sustainability management software provided by Visma-owned SmartTrackers, we added sustainability as a topic to the yearly agenda wheel for the Visma companies’ advisory boards (implemented in 2024), and we completely renewed the sustainability pages and information on our internal communication platform. We also had a number of achievements demonstrating our progress, such as significant energy efficiency improvements at two of our largest office locations, employee engagement scores that place us in the top 5% of the technology industry, and being in the top 10% of the technology industry, both within Diversity & Inclusion and Health & Well-being.

Despite the strides taken in 2023, we acknowledge the monumental task ahead of us to reach all of our sustainability targets. In addition, with all the requirements brought by the upcoming CSRD legislation, we will need to continue improving our data quality and reporting practices across all of Visma’s nearly 200 companies. In 2024, we will therefore ensure that we are ready for the new legislative requirements and the expectations of our stakeholders. We will also continue to explore in what ways we can support more sustainable practices throughout the value chain. This applies especially to the products we provide to our customers, as we recognise the commercial opportunities brought by the shifting demands towards sustainability in the software industry. We will continue our work towards building a culture where all employees are aware of the importance of sustainable business practices to our continued competitiveness.

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