Building a software powerhouse through M&A

Acquisitions are a central part of Visma’s growth strategy. In 2022, we invested a record amount in new software companies.

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Visma often prefers to enter new markets and verticals through acquisitions, as we appreciate the value and importance of local expertise and entrepreneurial spirit for business success. It is also an efficient way to expand and improve Visma’s existing software offerings.

Through highly specialised processes for screening and due diligence, ranging from finance and technology to people and culture, our M&A team is able to identify the most attractive targets. We prefer to acquire companies with established cloud products that have demonstrated strong tech capabilities and high customer satisfaction, and that can enrich Visma’s ERP platforms through APIs.

Transformative growth

We’ve acquired close to 300 companies in the last decade, enabling the Visma Group to quickly transform from a local Nordic player to a leading software provider in Europe and Latin America. In our industry, the best entrepreneurs always have a long line of suitors for their companies, so why do so many of them choose to join the Visma family?

We believe it often comes down to our unique value proposition, with a governance model built on autonomy, trust and shared resources. Most companies acquired by Visma continue under their own brand and management, and remain in complete control of product development and strategy. However, they are also onboarded to a vast ecosystem of knowledge sharing and infrastructure in areas like security, finance, marketing, and HR, helping them grow and develop even faster than before.

2022 was another hectic year for Visma in terms of M&A, acquiring a total of 42 companies in 8 countries for a record consideration of 1.1 billion euros. These included our first acquisitions in France and Germany, underlining the potential we see for cloud software to accelerate the digitalisation of Europe’s private and public sector.

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