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    What is Data Protection Day?

    Did you know that the right to privacy in the digital world is a human right? Still, many people lack knowledge about how their personal data is being collected, used, and shared. That is the focus of the Data Protection Day that takes place on January 28th.

  • Nearly 100 designers attending Visma UX days from their own living room

    Visma UX Days 2020: Going remote with 100 designers

    Visma aims to be an agile, fast-moving organisation – but how does UX fit in? This year, our annual UX Days event focused on how UX goes together with agile and why business, tech, agile and UX is actually a perfect match.

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    Password tips: How to create a strong password

    Running a good password cracking machine is both time-consuming and expensive, and for this reason, cyber criminals will always look for the path of least resistance. That is why you need to know how to create strong passwords, how to use a password manager, and learn how two-factor authentication (2FA) works.

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    Three important skills of a Management Trainee

    The three most important skills identified by Management Trainees are the ability to take initiative, having good analytical skills as well as good social skills. In this article, they share their thoughts and experiences about these abilities.

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    Hire the right candidate first time around

    Think about how dependent your team and organisation is on making sure you have hired the right candidate in the right role. How many companies are currently in a position where they are spending too much time, money and resources on replacing staff that are leaving prematurely?

  • How the Visma way of working benefits you as a customer

    How the Visma way of working benefits you as a customer

    How do we in Visma ensure that we deliver cloud software that is secure, reliable, performant, and responsive to the needs that you as a customer have? In this article, we’ll show how our way of working, and the technology we use, is aligned with those goals.

  • Can a robot be sustainable?

    Can a robot be sustainable?

    By making a robot or digital assistant do the most repetitive and boring tasks, companies can focus on more meaningful and value-adding work – benefiting both business and society. So, can the effect of a robot also support companies in being more sustainable?

  • Interview: How the Visma Group work with sustainability

    How do we work with sustainability in Visma?

    Becoming a sustainable business is about increasing awareness and having internal guidelines on how we can be part of the solution, as well as having a focus on this at the management level. We have talked with the Sustainability Manager in Visma to hear more about the specific initiatives the Visma Group is working on.

  • The AI ​​dictionary: Demystification of AI concepts

    The AI ​​dictionary: Demystification of AI concepts

    There is an incredible number of new and often unknown concepts within Data Science and Advanced Analytics. This makes it challenging to get an overview of the concepts, what the concepts entail–and not least how they are connected.

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    What is an IT Security Policy?

    Every organisation—from startups to large, global corporations and nonprofits—must make sure that they have procedures to keep up with an ever-changing landscape of threats and vulnerabilities to keep its assets secure. But what is an IT Security Policy, and how do you enforce them?

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    Turning the UEFA Euro into math

    The Finnish company Weoptit, a company in Visma, has turned the UEFA Euro tournament into math and simulations. Based on a model originally built by their analysts prior to the World Cup 2006, they have played out the tournament 1,000 000 times to find out what results each team can expect from this summer’s football festival.