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Everything you need to know about the Visma Trust Centre

Trust and transparency are in our DNA. They underscore everything we do. The Visma Trust Centre is our most powerful tool for putting those values into action.

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As a cloud software company, we take privacy, security, and compliance very seriously. We’re dedicated to keeping the data we handle protected at all times and in accordance with current regulations. And, we have a strong security program in place to empower all companies to implement proper security measures.

But we knew we couldn’t stop there, so we asked ourselves: How do we prove that we mean what we say? How do we give people the tools to do their own research and feel confident in using our products and services?

That’s where the Visma Trust Centre comes in.

“The only way to maintain strong customer relationships is by cultivating trust. And trust is built on transparency.”

Liv Jorunn Wøien, Compliance Manager

What is the Visma Trust Centre?

This is a hub for security, privacy, and compliance information, both for our products and in general. If you have a question about these topics, this is the first place you can check to find an answer.

What information can be found here?

The most useful feature of the Trust Centre is the product search. Using this search, you can find information about data processors, certifications, audit assurance reports, and more. You can either search by product name or use case, such as “accounting” or “e-commerce”, to see the associated products.

In other areas of the site, you can also find more general information about how we work with sustainability, research, governance, and the various programmes that our privacy and security teams have set up.

About the Visma Security Program

Security is a vital aspect of everything we do. The Visma Security Program empowers all of our companies to manage their own security when it comes to people, infrastructure, products, and third-party solutions. We provide specialised tools and training that enable organisations to take charge of their security. Our philosophy is simple but powerful: You don’t report to security. Security works for you.

“The Visma Security Program is effective because it is able to do a lot of highly technical security stuff and, at the same time, simplify the results to empower decision-makers to make good security decisions.”

Lars Holtar, Strategy Director, Security and Legal

Within the security section of our Trust Centre, you can learn more about the Visma Security Program. You can also read about:

  • The Visma Architecture & Technology Program, which offers a toolbox of assessments that describe and facilitate desirable practices, capabilities, and outcomes.
  • The Visma Cloud Delivery Model (VCDM), which describes our approach to developing, delivering, and operating cloud services.
  • Our research, which highlights the academic research that we do both in-house and in collaboration with academic institutions.

About our Data Protection Program

Privacy is another cornerstone of our commitment to trust and transparency. We’re committed to safeguarding the data of our customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Our comprehensive Data Protection Program includes policies, guidelines, risk assessment, monitoring protocols, incident handling, and robust awareness and training initiatives. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to safeguarding data.

What if someone needs to report an issue?

We don’t tolerate any form of misconduct or critical conditions, and make efforts to ensure a safe, healthy, and legal environment in all our business activities and companies. Our Whistleblowing Channel allows people to submit anonymous reports of any suspected breach of the local and/or EU/EEA laws. On that page, we explain who can report an issue, what can or cannot be reported, and what to expect from the process.

“We emphasise openness, simplicity, and transparency through our Trust Centre, which allows our customers to easily understand how we work with security and privacy. The product search helps our customers make informed decisions with just a few clicks. It also encourages our companies to step up their game and openly share their status.”

Helle Hobbelhagen, Security Marketing Coordinator

By providing this go-to resource, we hope to give people the confidence they need to stay safe and make well-informed decisions about Visma products and services. At the end of the day, this is one of our best tools for maintaining transparency and continuing to build strong relationships with our customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Explore the Visma Trust Centre

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