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Hire the right candidate first time around

Think about how dependent your team and organisation is on making sure you have hired the right candidate in the right role. How many companies are currently in a position where they are spending too much time, money and resources on replacing staff that are leaving prematurely?


This blog post was first published in August 2020 and has now been updated. 

Many recruiters are using assumptions and conjectures based on how they feel about a candidate during the interview process; however, the key to finding and retaining the right candidate is through the use of knowledge.

3 tips on hiring the right candidate

Look at the job description

Make sure to analyse the tasks and skills required for the position utilising internal resources such as co-workers and managers, making sure to include these findings in the recruitment process and job description. The more you know about the job you are recruiting for, the better you will understand what sort of person you are looking for. 

Screen candidates based on the job description

Screen all candidates thoroughly utilising every single point that is listed in the job description. Can you get the information from the candidate along with their application? Implementing a good online recruitment solution, like Visma EasyCruit, will ensure you are able to screen systematically and identify candidates who possess the required skills.

Get knowledge from psychometric tests

Psychometric tests can help companies identify a candidate’s knowledge, skills and personality ensuring they are placed in the right role. Extroversion or introversion can impact each individual’s role in the team. Other factors can be IQ, empathy, problem solving abilities and so on. 

There are a number of companies out there that specialise in gathering knowledge to predict what type of people are likely to bring success to different types of work environments, helping you define the right personality profile.

At Visma Talent Solutions we are currently working alongside some of the largest personality test providers to enable you to immediately assess whether a candidate matches your profile.

Success is about people

Recruitment is about success, and success is about people. Not everyone can be the right individual for that job you are recruiting for. However, they may be the right one for your next recruitment project.

Keep this in mind when you are rejecting candidates and keep them within reach. Save good candidates in your pool. Be direct, ask them if they would like to be contacted about other future opportunities and use the opportunity to shine as an attractive employer.

Learn more about hiring the right candidate in the video above!

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