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Empower your people to thrive and realise value creation in the new world of work. Visma Talent Solutions encompass all strategic HR processes related to attracting, developing and retaining your workforce of today – and tomorrow.


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Balancing today's challenges with tomorrow's opportunities requires talent. Make your organisation future-fit with flexible and connected talent management tools.


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People expect personalised experiences. Make the employee experience a top priority, and empower your people to perform at their best every day.

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Hire the right candidate first time around

Think about how dependent your team and organisation is on making sure you have hired the right candidate in the right role. How many companies are currently in a position where they are spending too much time, money and resources on replacing staff that are leaving prematurely?

Visma EasyCruit receives data privacy attestation

Visma EasyCruit receives data privacy attestation

We believe it is important to make sure that all the work we do is in line with leading international privacy regulations. Visma is pleased to offer our customers one of the first audit assurance reports; the ISAE 300 type I, issued on June 16th 2020, made for compliance towards GDPR, in this case for the Visma EasyCruit product! 

Future proof your organisation’s development with virtual learning

Future proof your organisation’s development with virtual learning

Continuous learning is imperative for employees to stay relevant and for organisations to stay competitive. In this article, we share our top tips on how organisations can succeed in moving their learning practices to a virtual environment.

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