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Visma Software Oy awarded second-best service desk in Finland

Delivering a world-class customer experience begins with a well-functioning service desk. That is why we are proud to have been awarded the second-best service desk in Finland.

Visma Software Oy awarded second best service desk in Finland
Read on to learn how Visma Software Oy got awarded second-best customer service desk in Finland

The Service Desk of the year award is pursued by the best service desk teams in Finland. Public and private organisations, big and small, apply to the Service Desk of the year competition, where the evaluation is carried out using the HDI Support Center Standard 2014, ITIL, and ISO/IEC 20000-standards. These standards are based on global best practices that have been shown to be effective for the support industry.

The Support Manager Anne Välimaa in Visma Software Oy is very proud of her team and their efforts, which sparked the idea to sign up for this competition. As it was the first time for us in this competition, and we were competing among the top companies in Finland, it was a historical achievement to be included in the top 3 and get invited to the finals. 

The competition was one of the tightest in their history and the difference between the first and second place was only 0,5 points. Therefore, not only did we win the second place of the competition, but they also credited us with a framed honourable mention.

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What is the Service Desk of the year competition?

The Service Desk of the year competition consists of multiple parts. First, the participants fill in pre-evaluation forms which help the judges choose the best candidates to take part in the competition. The companies invited to the finals are then  asked to hand in a more comprehensive  report on the following topics:

  • Leadership
  • Strategy and Policy
  • People Management
  • Resources
  • Process and Procedure
  • Staff Satisfaction Results
  • Customer Satisfaction Results
  • ­Performance Results

The written reports were followed by interviews that took place at the Visma Office in Jyväskylä. The judges spent a day with us interviewing the Customer Support and Visma Community Manager, Anne Välimaa, a couple of our team members and stakeholders, but also some of our customers.

Overall, this was a magnificent and valuable experience that gave us faith and trust that we are on the right path when it comes to customer satisfaction and making the customer experience even better. 

The judges were especially satisfied with our high customer experience rates, where our customers have graded us with such positive feedback that it brings our tNPS over +80. They also gave credit to the management of the team and the employee engagement survey.

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How did we succeed in our Customer Service team?

Our team consists of 18 Application Specialists who love what they do, which is evident when we help and encourage our customers to make the most of our products, such as Expense, Visma Payroll, Visma L7 and Visma Liikkuvan työn ratkaisut, and our Visma Community platform for customers and end-users. Anne Välimaa says:

In customer support, our goal is to leave every customer with a good solution to their problems  and also with a feeling that we care–after every single customer touch point. Being the second-best service desk in Finland, we have the confidence that we are meeting customers’ expectations today and are able to develop our services to meet their needs in the future.

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