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The signing of documents is critical to any business. HR professionals need to keep track of employee contracts; companies need statements of work to be agreed upon by all parties; attorneys need agreements to be signed.

As businesses continue to work remotely for the foreseeable future, it is imperative that documents that were previously mailed can now be signed digitally. It turns out that this is also faster and much more convenient, allowing businesses to focus on staying up and running.


What is digital signature?

Having documents signed digitally is simple and requires virtually no human contact.

  • The business uploads the document to the cloud and sends it to the signer via email and/or SMS.
  • Signers enter their signatures via touch screen or by using a bank or mobile ID, which are then cross-checked with their identities.
  • The signatures are submitted and all parties automatically receive a copy of the document.

Efficient digital signature services can handle all necessary documents and forms digitally, as well as archive them reliably. The need to print and work with paper is reduced dramatically.

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Useful across industries

Good signature solutions allow customers to sign commercial agreements, work contracts, meeting minutes, statements of work, mandates and other legally binding contracts.

Industries and departments where digital signature is especially valuable include:


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The cloud advantage

By operating in the cloud, customers and end users using digital signature can feel confident knowing their documents are secure. Secure solutions employ a security model where all communication and passwords are encrypted and transmitted through https, ensuring that only relevant parties can access the data that belongs to them. Furthermore, each business can control who has access to what documents and features through different levels of user permissions. Automatic log-out also prevents unauthorised users from using the system.

The cloud also enables flexibility that did not exist before. A process of approval that used to take as long as a week on paper can be completed in minutes. Automatic notifications save considerable administration for business administrators and their employees. Both business employees and signers can access what they need from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Finally, the best cloud-based signature solutions will integrate with existing IT systems, or can be done so relatively easily. Solutions with a strong and open API provide the most sound integration with both standard and tailored IT systems. A seamless internal system provides the best experience for customers as well: the more synchronised and error-free the information is, the faster customers will sign off on it and the more satisfied they will be.

Beyond signature

Visma offers a wide range of digital signature solutions with value-adding features from automatic reminders to updated lists of signers and senders. Features include:
Automatic Reminders
Reduce time and worry thanks to notifications

Secure Archival
Archive signed documents on secure servers

Configure the signing flow to fit your business

Customer branding
Include your logo and reassure your customers

Send the same document to be signed by many at one time

Sign from MS Office
Request signatures directly from all Windows applications

Roles and rights
Benefit from full control of user rights and administration

Control centre
Manage transactions from your start page

Address book
Manage an updated list of signers and senders

Google Drive
Receive the signed documents directly in Google Drive

Secure file transfer
Send confidential files quickly and securely

Identity validation
Confirm the identity of customers

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Explore the digital signature solutions available in your region:

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