The most complete
ERP solution for
large businesses
The most complete
ERP solution for
large businesses

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A Modern Way Of Working is an integrated and complete solution that fully automates business processes and manages complex, repetitive accounting operations. It is an excellent fit for businesses looking to reduce costs and increase success by effectively managing time, resources and technology.

Automate processes

Save time with automated invoicing, bank management, government reporting and approval flow. Minimise the number of manual tasks with rule-based suggestions on automated processes. 

Reduce costs

Reduce costs related to IT and business operations. Support business growth without costly installments or maintenance. With a subscription, the investment is removed and the costs become predictable. Handle unmatched transactions.

Scalable and flexible

Improve the responsiveness and resilience of your business. The self-service solution scales up and down to meet changing business needs. Add and remove users as required and only pay for what is used.

Mobile apps

Employees can deliver real-time information and capture data more accurately while out in the field. Travel claims, expense claims and inbound invoices can be approved via mobile.


Two-factor authentication acts as a second layer of security and guarantees the safety of your data. The solution complies with national and international laws such as ISO standards and EU directives. 

Integrate and grow

With third-party integrations, businesses can easily build a solution that meets their specific needs. Certified partners help businesses get started with using their solution.

«There are many web-based accounting systems, but we needed a complete system, including logistics, that could streamline our entire operation. We looked hard to find a web-based business software with sufficient functionality.»

– Jonas Ivarsson, CEO and owner of Åsö in Åtvid Aber ERP Ecosystem

The solution provides financial management, logistics, reporting and analysis functionality in one powerful solution. ERP meets the needs of your financial, logistic, reporting and analysis processes.

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