Who processes my personal information?

In order to fulfill the purpose of the Visma Community, including communicating information to you that is personalised, your personal information is processed by the companies in the Visma Group that are affiliated with the Visma Community. In addition, external sub-processors could have access to your personal data as they assist us with the operation of the Community.


External sub-processors that are always part of Community:

Sub-processor Location Purpose
Khoros EU/EEA Provider of Community platforms
Oracle (Eloqua) EU/EEA Sending emails to users of Community
Google EU/EEA Analytics/marketing platform
Informizely EU/EEA Surveys
Hotjar EU/EEA Surveys and heatmaps


External sub-processors that can be part of some Visma companies’ set-up of Community:

Sub-processor Location Purpose
LiveLeader EU/EEA Chat
Puzzel EU/EEA Chat
Amazon Web Services EU/EEA Login via Visma Connect
Salesforce EU/EEA CRM ServiceCloud, Access management
Confirmit EU/EEA NPS surveys
Facebook US Analytics/marketing platform
LinkedIn US Analytics/marketing platform
Zendesk EU/EEA Chat
BotXO EU/EEA Chatbot for Zendesk
Lyyti EU/EEA Course registration
TalentLMS (only provides login page) –
to be replaced during 2021
US Training
PlusPort (will replace TalentLMS) EU/EEA Training