Alexander Lystad

Chief Technology Officer

Since Alexander joined Visma in 2012, his main focus has been modernising how we build, deliver and operate innovative cloud software that meets our customers’ needs. This includes adoption of continuous delivery practices, DevOps organisation and culture, use of public cloud technology and removing friction to increase engineering performance.

Since 2020, Alexander has run or participated in more than 120 technical due diligence processes as part of Visma’s M&A activity. He has also improved the process to increase the quality of insight into risks and costs, decrease lead time, and scale up the technical due diligence function at Visma. By also focusing on the experience of the acquisition target, the technical due diligence process has become an advantage for Visma in the fight for cloud entrepreneurs.

Another theme throughout his Visma career has been community building and competence development, facilitating communities of technology leaders across Visma where members share experiences and collaborate on technology projects instead of reinventing the wheel. He’s often quoted as saying “knowledge should be shared, not hoarded”, and has led by example by establishing a Visma-wide internal webinar series and introducing communication tools that help employees be more engaged and effective.

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