Ari-Pekka Salovaara

Segment Director, Small Businesses

As Segment Director, Ari-Pekka is responsible for Visma’s rapidly growing small business segment in continental Europe with 1.4 million customers. The small business segment is focused on delivering top SaaS accounting and payroll solutions for small and medium businesses.

Ari-Pekka is committed to developing a strong and profitable small business software ecosystem to accelerate growth and help Visma companies succeed. This involves leading the segment management team, setting budgets, participating on boards, and holding chair positions in a number of Visma companies.

In 2010, Visma acquired Severa Oyj, a SaaS company that Ari-Pekka co-founded. He consequently joined Visma, and continued as a Managing Director of Visma Solutions Oy until 2019, and now as a chairman. The company reached over EUR 100 million in revenues in 2022.

Ari-Pekka is passionate about helping to build world-class companies, products, and teams. He’s also engaged in a number of leadership activities related to IT innovation and entrepreneurship, including investments in tech startups, participation on numerous boards, pro-bono work, and mentoring of students and young entrepreneurs. Furthermore, he’s a board member of Nordic Business Forum, a key owner of Oslo Business Forum.

Short facts:

Ari-Pekka holds a Master of Science in IT from LUT University in Finland.

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