Lars Ottersen

Chief Risk Officer

As CRO, Lars ensures that Visma maintains an appropriate risk level within our organisation and services. His primary responsibility is to ensure that Visma and our services are secure and fulfil all necessary compliance and legal requirements.

Lars joined Visma in 2016 as a lawyer before becoming Legal Director and later Chief Risk Officer. He has since built up the Group’s legal and compliance team while advising the wider legal and compliance functions across Visma. 

For Lars, communication is key. How advice is communicated is as important as the advice itself. In order to ensure that Visma accepts the right risks, it is critical to establish an efficient and inclusive environment for sharing facts, knowledge and opinions with colleagues and customers. With trust and transparency now becoming central factors in customers’ purchase decisions, security is a vital component in Visma’s success and future growth. 

As Visma’s markets become subject to more complex requirements, including those related to ESG, Lars is focused on reducing risk while maintaining Visma’s entrepreneurial identity that evolves and quickly adapts to change.

Short facts:

Lars holds a Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Bergen, Norway.

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