Clothing brand Pelle P increased their sales by 250% 

The clothing brand from the Swedish west coast launched its direct-to-consumer site on Viskan's eCommerce platform.

How Pelle P increase their sales by 250%

During the first corona lockdowns, more and more people discovered the advantages of shopping online. Nevertheless, few companies have grown as much as Pelle P. So how did they succeed? The Viskan Online Growth Team boosted the company, helping them with a solid digital analysis that resulted in several optimisation efforts.

For example, optimising Google Shopping increased sales by 340% in that specific sales channel. The growth team’s also a speaking partner for Pelle P's marketing team, a collaboration that’s making the team even more efficient.


The company had two objectives: an eCommerce platform that could attractively present its brand and a platform that could scale with its growth. Another aspect was to bridge the eCommerce and the physical stores, both the permanent and the pop-ups.


Pelle P did a detailed market review and was impressed by the possibilities Viskan’s platform could offer. They also saw the advantage of the Viskan Online Growth Team knowing how to market and run an eCommerce that Pelle P could greatly benefit from.

The solution

After a quick project, Pelle P went with a well-designed and hyper-fast eCommerce, using the latest headless and SPA technology. The solution also lets them present their brand in their preferred way, both from a technological and design perspective. The focus is Mobile First.

International expansion on the rise

The brand has all the prerequisites to succeed internationally, which is its next goal. Their online shop is available in more than 30 countries, as the eCommerce platform is built for international trade. The team at Viskan helps with expert knowledge on how to approach each market and adapt based on local conditions. The future’s looking bright!

About Pelle P

Pelle P started out as a retailer before stepping it up and opening a webshop. They have permanent stores, pop-ups during the summer months and an online store. The clothing brand is also present in stores across Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany.

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