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NOTE: All prices are excluding taxes and shipping.

Visma maintains the product selection. Ide AS, handles inventory, shipping and invoicing.

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Welcome to our webshop of giveaways and marketing articles. The products contributes to brand awareness, top of mind and other marketing purposes. They are ready-made with Visma logo, ensuring a fast and convenient delivery.

NOTE: All prices are excluding taxes and shipping.

Visma maintains the product selection. Idé AS, handles inventory, shipping and invoicing.

The product selection is subject to continuous change.

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Practical information on ordering from Visma Webshop


Delivery from storage normally takes about 3-5 days plus freight-time after the order is received. We also offer express handling.


Invoice is sent to the ordering company. Payment terms are 20 days after invoice date. All orders are charged a handling fee of NOK 85,- per invoice for regular delivery, or NOK 150,- for express handling. On delayed payments an interest on overdue payments are added according to Norwegian law.

Recipient is charged with freight costs.

How to order

Order is done via Visma Webshop.

  1. Fill in the number of each article you whish to order and click the "update order"-button.
  2. Verify that articles and amounts are correct and fill in Name and address.
  3. Finally Click the "Place order" - button to send the order. You will receive a receipt per email, telling you exactly what information was sent.

Contact information

If you have questions about your order, contact Nina Hagen at IDÉ House of Brands on telephone +47 48 84 42 17 or by e-mail.

If you didn’t find what you are looking for and would like to order articles beyond this selection, please send email to Nina Hagen.

NB! Be sure that your order is authorized according to your company's procedure on purchases.