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We've become one of Europe's leading software companies. How? By joining forces with software companies that are even more brilliant than us.

With new companies joining us almost weekly, we get to empower new markets, and together take software innovation to the next level.

Companies that joined us in 2023

32 companies


Companies that joined us in 2022

42 companies

The companies acquired in 2022 have increased their revenue by 18.7% from 2021. Revenue is €159M (e2022).


Companies that joined us in 2021

42 companies

The revenue of companies acquired in 2021 has increased by 36.6% (including the year of acquisition). Revenue is €153M (e2022).


Companies that joined us in 2020

38 companies

The revenue of companies acquired in 2020 has increased by 58.6% (including the year of acquisition). Revenue is €230M (e2022).


Companies that joined us in 2019

17 companies

The revenue of companies acquired in 2019 has increased by 74.4% (including the year of acquisition). Revenue is €150M (e2022).


Companies that joined us in 2018

19 companies

Companies owned before and acquired in 2018 have increased their revenue by 31.7%. Revenue is €1404M (e2022).


What are the advantages of being a Visma company?

Continue to thrive autonomously

Keep ownership of your operations, people, and growth. Work with a board of directors that understands and supports your business going forward.

Network with world-class peers

Growing a business can be lonely work. Join the biggest ecosystem of business software entrepreneurs in the world.

Scale your business to the next level

Everyone hits the ceiling at some point. When scaling, your organisation needs to adapt. We're here to help you nail it.

Build up competencies in your organisation

Create opportunities for your employees to learn and implement best practices through our competence hubs and various training programs.

Meet some of our successful founders and entrepreneurs

The most prominent signs of our growth are increases in revenue and headcount; we're more people making more progress.

Maria Ericsson, CEO of Kontek

A huge strength of Visma is the autonomy and trust we receive. Thanks to that, we can deliver great results.

Wiktor Sarota, Founder and CEO of inFakt

There are so many opportunities, learning communities and events going on at Visma, not to mention tools and technologies.

Ellen Sano, MD at Yuki

Visma has a perfect approach on giving MDs the freedom they need to operate, yet providing support and resources from the group.

Javier Fondevila, Founder and CEO of Holded

Visma is one of few companies that lets startups and founders continue with their business and plans.

Hege Oustad, CEO of Tripletex


Our cultured approach to growth through aquisitions

Visma is not one of those monolithic, hierarchical organisations. We're a federation of 170 independent-minded companies with go-to-market freedom and world-class financial control. When you join Visma, you'll continue to thrive and reach new heights with your culture and brand intact.

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Sindre Talleraas Holen
Director of Mergers & Acquisitions