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Team Visma|Lease a Bike

Behind the scenes

Explore exclusive content with the people behind Team Visma | Lease a Bike. Dive into our Next Top Mechanic competition, watch some unconventional interviews with the riders, and listen to a special podcast interview with the CEOs of Visma and Team Visma | Lease Bike.

Talent competition

Keeping the wheels turning

We support the team on a business-critical level – helping run financial processes, sign contracts, manage business leads, and analyse data.

We work behind the scenes, making things run efficiently – just like the team's mechanics. That's why we supported the team with a truly first-of-its-kind recruitment campaign in 2022, helping them find their Next Top Mechanic.

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Meet some of the riders

Get to know the team when they kick off their clip shoes between races. Check out our rider interviews and meet the team in a completely different way.

Who is most likely

Explore the Team Visma | Lease a Bike riders as we delve into the burning questions you've always wondered about. From telling bad jokes to falling asleep during a race, uncover who's most likely to do it all.

The Curious Sponsor


Discover how we support Team Visma | Lease a Bike on and off the bikes

It’s one thing to sponsor the world’s best cycling team; it’s another to provide the software and expertise that helps them excel. In our Voice of Visma podcast, we delve into how we support Team Visma | Lease a Bike, both on and off the bikes, and why we’re so proud to be their first title sponsor.

Learn how our sponsorship boosts internal pride among our employees – whether lifelong fans or new to the sport – and strengthens our brand awareness. Hear about our software solutions and AI-driven nutrition predictions that enhance the performance of the riders. performance.

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Coaching is the key to leadership

What do the leaders of a top road cycling team and a large company like Visma have in common?

They both have a degree in coaching! In this episode of Walk'N Listen, Richard Plugge (Team Visma |Lease a Bike) and Merete Hverven (Visma) provide some practical advice on how people can evolve and develop their skills, and be better leaders in all kinds of environments.

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Catch the team on Netflix

Tour de France: Unchained offers an unparalleled look into the dominance of Team Visma | Lease a Bike (previously Team Jumbo-Visma) in the 2022 Tour de France. Watch them rack up an impressive number of stage wins, claim both the green and iconic polka dot jerseys, and emerge victorious on the Champs-Élysées.

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