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Visma Cyber Crime Center (VC3) 

At Visma, we recognize the importance of delivering secure services to our customers.  Visma also acknowledges that cybercrime has increased over the last years and Visma sees the importance of contributing to combating crime.

We aim to raise awareness about the extensive nature of digital crime and also highlight the burden it imposes on our customers and the companies that help them in their daily businesses. 

By providing accurate situational assessments, we believe that law enforcement agencies and authorities will be better equipped to allocate the appropriate level of expertise and resources necessary to address this challenge effectively.

We therefore strongly encourage all businesses to report any criminal activities to the police.


The Visma Cyber Crime Center, referred to as VC3, is an integral component of Visma's proactive (and reactive) response to address the escalating societal concern of cybercrime in our markets.  

VC3 is dedicated to providing advice and guidance to all Visma companies during undesirable incidents involving criminal intent in order for them to help their customers. 

Additionally, it serves as a liaison between Visma companies and law enforcement agencies and other relevant authorities. 

VC3 aims to enhance the collective security posture of Visma by facilitating effective police collaboration, sharing best practices, and fostering a proactive approach to combating cybercrime across the organization.

If you have any inquiries or need further information, please don't hesitate to contact us by sending an email to [email protected].