Trust Centre

Vendor Management in Visma

Visma has established a comprehensive set of sustainability policies. This includes a detailed Supplier Code of Conduct which lays out the principles for our suppliers and partners to conduct their business ethically, and in line with legislation and Visma policies on sustainability and conducting business in general.

Visma performs vendor assessments on a regular basis in line with industry standards and applicable legislation. Visma is implementing a common vendor management policy  to harmonise the vendor onboarding and monitoring process. 

The vendor assessments include gathering general information regarding the vendors, their policies & procedures, as well as specific information regarding the product/service they  provide to Visma. Visma is also performing internal evaluations based on responses and identified risks from the vendor assessments.

Further assessments may be triggered on a case by case basis. Providing the information required in the assessments is a prerequisite to start/continue a business relationship with Visma.