Trust Centre

Visma internal IT & DataCentre infrastructure SOC and ISO compliance

We are committed to upholdg the highest standards of security and financial transparency. In line with this commitment, we undergo annual audits and adhere to internationally recognized standards for reporting on our controls.  Our compliance with SOC (System and Organization Controls) reports is a testament to our dedication to ensuring the security and integrity of our operations.

The ISAE 3402 report specifically covers the controls necessary for financial reporting, demonstrating our diligence in safeguarding financial information and ensuring accurate reporting practices. On the other hand, the ISAE 3000 report encompasses security-related controls, highlighting our unwavering focus on protecting sensitive data and maintaining robust security measures.  Both reports cover a 12-month audit period and are issued annually in February. This regular auditing process underscores our ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability. We understand the importance of trust and reliability in our relationships with Visma products and their customers, and our compliance with SOC reports serves as a reaffirmation of our dedication to meeting and exceeding industry standards. Below you can have immediate access to our ISO certifications and you have on-demand access to our SOC reports.

The ISO certificates and SOC reports extend specifically to the following products:

Visma HRM Talent

Visma Flyt Sampro / Samspill

Visma Flyt Skole

Visma Flyt Arkiv (Archive)

Visma Flyt PPT

Visma Flyt Barnevern

Visma Flyt BVV (Barnevernvakt)

Visma Flyt Omsorg (Health Care)

Visma Flyt Sikker Sak (SecureCase)

Visma ASSI

Personec P

Affärsløsningar (FMS)

SuperOffice Online

We ensure that a variety of Visma products leverage services from the Visma IT service catalogue, all of which are upheld by ISO certifications and SOC reports. Our IT internal and DataCenter Infrastructure services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of various Visma products, aligning with their unique business and service delivery models.

For an initial assessment of the compliance applicability of the IT service to your specific Visma product in use, we encourage you to reach out to the compliance or sales Visma representative assigned to your product.

Internal IT

► Active Directory

► VPN - several services

► Google Workspace

► Workstations management

► Domain Names Management

► Microsoft Office 365

► Privileged User Management

► Cloud Endpoint Management

► Office Network Set-Up

Data Center & Infrastructure

► Data Protection – Backup and Restore

►Virtual Machine as a Service

►Storage as a Service


► Infrastructure Monitoring & Dashboards

► Site to Site VPN For Data Centers

► Application Delivery Controller as a Service


► SFTP Service

► Email Delivery as a Service

► Express Route Azure

► Direct Connect AWS

► Visma Private Cloud Azure