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Visma expands to online booking systems by acquiring DigitalBooker

Visma expands its software portfolio with the acquisition of DigitalBooker Finland Ltd., the most used SaaS-based online booking company in Finland.

DigitalBooker is an online booking system that lets people manage their business’ time more easily. - In the process of finding a new owner, we looked for a partner that is as agile and customer-oriented as DigitalBooker. Visma has clearly shown such capabilities with its team and services, says Henrik Karlström, founder of DigitalBooker.

DigitalBooker is an online booking system that lets people manage their business’ time more easily. The service has over the last years grown to be Finland’s largest online booking system, serving customers such as New Hairstore, Gigantti, Kämp Spa, Ruohonjuuri and Finnair.

- The service has sold itself mostly due to a fantastic product, happy customers, successful peer-to-peer marketing and open communication. We were now at a point, where we wanted to grow even further and needed larger shoulders to stand on. At Visma we found a common ground and a similar culture of getting things done. As a part of Visma, our service will be introduced to a wider customer base which enables us to grow further, says Fredrik Rönnlund, founder of DigitalBooker.

- The acquisition of DigitalBooker strengthens Visma’s position as a cloud-based software provider.

We are satisfied with the transaction and we are looking forward to providing existing and new customers with a SaaS-based online booking system. The system brings synergies to our customers in several lines of business, says Øystein Moan, CEO in Visma.

- Visma can also serve DigitalBooker’s current customers with needs besides online booking, says Terhi Karasjärvi, Managing Director in Visma Passeli.

About DigitalBooker

DigitalBooker was founded by Henrik Kalström and Fredrik Rönnlund in 2007. The service is an online booking system that wants to revolutionize how people sell and buy services online. DigitalBooker makes the world's services bookable for anyone, anywhere and on any device. With over 500,000 users in over 400 locations and serving over 5 million bookings, DigitalBooker is the most praised and used online booking system for yoga, beauty and resource bookings.

For more information, please contact:

Øystein Moan, CEO Visma AS: + 47 920 80 000

Terhi Karasjärvi, Managing Director Visma Passeli Oy: [email protected], +358 10 756 3280


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