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Visma Ski Classics introduces new trophy

Visma Ski Classics continues to progress and introduces a new competition for the upcoming season VIII: the Visma Alp Trophy.

Visma Ski Classics continues to progress and introduces a new competition for the upcoming season VIII: the Visma Alp Trophy.

Last season (VII) saw the introduction of the Visma Nordic Trophy competition. It was implemented as an element to add more excitement to the final five events of the ski tour, all taking place in the Nordic countries.

The new Visma Alp Trophy will be awarded to the winners of the following four events: Kaiser Maximilian Lauf Seefeld Austria, La Diagonela St Moritz Switzerland, Marcialonga Trentino Italy and Toblach-Cortina Italy. Not only are these races considered some of the toughest, but they also take place four weekends in a row, making for a month of ski-madness in January.

– The launch of the Visma Alp Trophy is a natural progression after the success of the Visma Nordic Trophy last season. With the Visma Alp Trophy complementing the Visma Nordic Trophy we divide the season in two, making it more interesting for fans, commentators and the athletes themselves, said David Nilsson, CEO of Ski Classics.

– Visma Ski Classics is among the toughest challenges within organised skiing, and the alp races play an essential part in the competition. A large number of Nordic athletes travel to the Alps to participate in these events, and winning the Visma Alp Trophy requires strength, teamwork, character and the ability to endure adversity and rough environments, all of them virtues Visma identifies with, said Øystein Moan, CEO of Visma.

For more information, please contact:
Øystein Moan, CEO Visma, tel: + 47 920 80 000

About Visma Ski Classics:
Visma Ski Classics is a long distance ski championship. This season it consists of 11 of the world’s most prestigious and traditional ski events, like Marcialonga in Italy, Vasaloppet in Sweden and Birkebeinerrennet in Norway. 28 pro teams and 50.000 amateur skiers are competing in the same races. The events are televised in more than 70 countries around the world with more than 20 million viewers. Visma Ski Classics is operated by Ski Classics AB owned by Vasaloppet, Birken and W Sportsmedia.

Visma Ski Classics VIII (2017/2018):
Event 1: 26th November, Prologue Pontresina Switzerland 10 km
Event 2: 2nd December, La Sgambeda Livigno Italy 35km
Event 3: 13th January, Kaiser Maximilian Lauf Seefeld Austria 60km
Event 4: 20th January, La Diagonela St Moritz Switzerland 65km
Event 5: 28th January, Marcialonga Trentino Italy 70km
Event 6: 3rd February, Toblach-Cortina Italy 50km
Event 7: 18th February, Jizerska Padesatka Czech Republic 50km
Event 8: 4th March, Vasaloppet Sweden 90km
Event 9: 17th March, Birkebeinerrennet Norway 54km
Event 10: 7th April, Reistadløpet Bardufoss Norway 50km
Event 11: 14th April, Ylläs-Levi Finland 67k


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