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Visma strengthens presence in France through acquisition of Chaintrust

Visma solidifies its position in the French market with the acquisition of Chaintrust, a company specialized in automated accounting.

Visma strengthens presence in France through acquisition of Chaintrust

This strategic move aligns with Visma's vision to establish an all-encompassing and integrated ecosystem tailored to meet the specific needs of accounting firms in France. 

Building on the foundation set by the 2022 acquisition of Inqom, the addition of Chaintrust to Visma's portfolio further enhances its software offerings, delivering significant value across its comprehensive suite of solutions. Chaintrust, with its profound expertise in automating and streamlining accounting processes, brings software solutions designed to alleviate the burdens of repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with accounting entries for professional firms.

"Joining the Visma Group provides Chaintrust with new opportunities for growth, development  and innovation. It is also a real opportunity to create synergies with all the companies in the  group", says Mikael Gandon, CEO of Chaintrust.  

A clear ambition for the French market

The acquisition fosters synergy among Visma Group entities, particularly with Inqom, with the primary goal of enhancing customer experience. The objective is to empower accountants with a complete range of services supported by cutting-edge technologies, addressing their specific business challenges.

"With the acquisition of Inqom in 2022 and now Chaintrust, Visma is taking a new and important step towards creating a complete digital ecosystem for chartered accountants in France," says Romain Passilly, CEO of Inqom. 

"By integrating Chaintrust's expertise in automating accounting entries with Inqom's accounting and tax production software, Visma emerges as the preferred partner for French firms, aiming to revolutionize and optimize accounting management through integrated solutions", says Olivier Constant, Business Area Director for the SMB Segment in Visma.

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With Chaintrust's management team remaining in place, the company will continue to develop and market its products under its current brand. This approach ensures the preservation of its identity, values and commitment to clients, in line with Visma's autonomous governance model.

Going forward, Chaintrust will now have the capability to offer the Inqom solution to its customers, and vice versa, broadening options for both sets of clients.


Lage Bøhren

Lage Bøhren

Director of Communications


+47 921 57 801

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