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clevergig BV,NL

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clevergig BV,NL

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Last updated: Jul 21, 2024

Hosting provider(s)

[{"company":"Amazon Web Services (AWS)","location":"EU/EEA","country":"Ireland","countries":["Ireland"],"webpage":"","certifications":[],"categoriesOfPersonalData":["Sensitive Personal Data","Personal Data"]}]

Data processors 

[{"vendor":"Mailchimp","location":"Country with adequacy decision","country":"United States","countries":["United States"],"categoriesOfPersonalData":["Personal Data"],"description":"Emailing software","purpose":"Used to email customers and users of the software","vismaRoles":["Data Controller"]},{"vendor":"Hubspot","location":"Country with adequacy decision","country":"United States","countries":["United States"],"categoriesOfPersonalData":["Sensitive Personal Data","Personal Data"],"description":"CRM tooling with emailing system so customers can reach out to place their questions and complaints","purpose":"Contains the questions and possible bug reports by customers from the SaaS software that they pay for","vismaRoles":["Data Controller"]},{"vendor":"Ivan Arakcheiev (Freelance developer)","location":"EU/EEA","country":"Montenegro","countries":["Montenegro"],"categoriesOfPersonalData":["Sensitive Personal Data","Personal Data"],"description":null,"purpose":"Freelance developer with DPA agreement link to contract","vismaRoles":["Data Controller"]}]

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