Data Protection Program


Visma has an extensive Data Protection Program. The program includes policies and guidelines, risk, maturity and monitoring, incident handling, and awareness and training.

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Your rights and obligations


As an individual, you have a number of rights under GDPR. As a business using a Visma product, you have a number of obligations as data controller.

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Visma Privacy Statement


The Visma Privacy Statement helps you understand what personal data we collect and why we collect it, and how we handle, protect, store, export, and delete your personal data.

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Product Search


To gain and keep our customers' trust, transparency is key. Find up-to-date information about data centres and sub-processors for individual Visma products and services.

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Visma's cloud providers

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Visma's main three cloud providers are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Find out how we work and follow up with them to ensure the best experience for our customers.

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