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About the episode

These are the stories that shape us... and the reason Visma is unlike anywhere else. Join us as we get to know people across our organisation who are helping shape the future of Visma. From emerging tech and internal influencing to the hidden side of entrepreneurship and work-life balance, we're covering it all. So, if you love getting to know leaders and colleagues on a more personal level, while also gaining some really good industry insight, this podcast is for you.

The first episode drops May 15th! New episodes will be released every Wednesday.


More from Voice of Visma

We're sitting down with leaders and colleagues from around Visma to share their stories, industry knowledge, and valuable career lessons. With the Voice of Visma podcast, we’re bringing our people and culture closer to you.

Ep 08: Navigating the waters of entrepreneurship with Steffen Torp

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, the journey is as personal as it is unpredictable.

Ep 07: The untold stories of Visma with Øystein Moan

What did Visma look like in its early days? Are there any decisions our former CEO would have made differently?

Ep 06: Measure what matters: Employee engagement with Vibeke Müller

Research shows that having engaged, happy employees is so important for building a great company culture and performing better financially.

Ep 05: Our Team Visma | Lease a Bike sponsorship with Anne-Grethe Thomle Karlsen

It’s one thing to sponsor the world’s best cycling team; it’s a whole other thing to provide software and expertise that helps them do what they do best.

Ep 04: “How do you make people care about security?” with Joakim Tauren

With over 700 applications across the Visma Group (and counting!), cybersecurity is make-or-break for us.

Ep 03: The human side of enterprise with Yvette Hoogewerf

As a software company, our products are central to our business… but that’s only one part of the equation.

Ep 02: From Management Trainee to CFO with Stian Grindheim

How does someone work their way up from Management Trainee to CFO by the age of 30? And balance fatherhood alongside it all?

Ep 01: An optimistic look at the future of AI with Jacob Nyman

We’re all-too familiar with the fears surrounding artificial intelligence. So today, Jacob and Johan are flipping the script.

(Trailer) Introducing: Voice of Visma

These are the stories that shape us... and the reason Visma is unlike anywhere else.