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Accountancy market leader Visma acquires YOB B.V.

Visma Nederland BV is acquiring YOB B.V., including the Teleboekhouden ownership rights. 

The two owners and founders of YOB Holding, Ronald van Grunsven and Harry Viet, signed the agreement. Teleboekhouden is a SaaS solution enabling small and medium-sized businesses to perform their bookkeeping independently in the cloud, in optimum collaboration with their accountants. Both can work concurrently in the same environment, with the accountant having access to all the required accountancy tools with Visma’s AccountView. Around 4,700 companies use Teleboekhouden. They will now become Visma clients.

Expansion of activities strengthens market position

- With the acquisition of YOB B.V. we are broadening our activities and strengthening our market position. Teleboekhouden users can thus benefit from our investment in the development of new solutions to work more efficiently and effectively with their accountant in carrying out the bookkeeping.

- The acquisition of YOB B.V. broadens our activities and strengthens our market position,” notes Han van den Hof, General Manager of Visma Software Netherlands. “We are the market leader within accountancy in the Netherlands for processing client accounting. And we continue to develop solutions to assist entrepreneurs and their accountants to perform their bookkeeping even more efficiently and effectively with cloud solutions as Advisor and Financial. From now on Teleboekhouden users will benefit from the source of all potential developments, and are assured continuity.

Ronald van Grunsven, general manager YOB Holding says: “This is a logical step given the large group of combined clients and the vision we have had for many years. We are also convinced that this acquisition will offer significant benefits for the users. We will continue to be active in the accountancy sector. The ‘Kantoorportaal’ SaaS services, the XBRL declaration portal, Document Management and Scanboeken will continue to be offered in the same way by YOB Services BV, so that our clients can continue to make optimum use of the integrated services which bear out our creed: Results through collaboration.”

Mature financial SaaS solution for one-man businesses and larger organisations

Teleboekhouden is a genuine SaaS solution. This means that the entrepreneur does not have to install anything, and can use the software directly from any workstation with a browser. The software has evolved over ten years into a mature financial solution for both small and medium-sized businesses. Users can perform their accounting online, including banking, invoicing and time-recording. Thanks to an integrated dashboard, links with almost all banks and extensive financial reporting, they also enable excellent control over the accounting. Accountants can (automatically) carry out the relevant changes in the same environment, such as write-offs and payroll journal entries, and conduct automatic checks. This creates a high degree of efficiency. Entrepreneurs can perform their accounting online with Teleboekhouden from just 25 euro per month.


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