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Patrick T. Rasmussen is the new Managing Director for Visma Creditro

Patrick T. Rasmussen takes on yet another Managing Director role - in addition to Visma Rating, he is now also Managing Director for Visma Creditro, and is firmly behind the wheel in the fight against financial crime.

Visma Creditro officially became part of the Visma Group in November 2021 and has acquired an incarnated Visma profile on the team. Patrick T. Rasmussen becomes Managing Director of the company on the 18th of July 2022. Rasmussen is already in charge of Visma Rating, and the shared vision between the companies furthered the interest in the position.

"What is exciting about having the opportunity to work with Creditro, and also Rating, is the opportunity to be able to find 'the bad guys' and make sure that our customers are protected against them," says Patrick T. Rasmussen, about his first thoughts on the possibility of becoming Managing Director of Visma Creditro.

Expects transparency and ownership

The 34-year-old joined Visma in April 2017 and is also on the board of Visma LogBuy. Rasmussen is for CMO at Visma Dinero, and his time in Dinero, according to himself, has influenced his management style.

“The focus will be on honesty, transparency, desire, entrepreneurship, and ownership - you must run this as if it is your own. What would you do if this was your own business? That is probably the question that I will ask the most,” he says, emphasizing that he wants to be an accessible leader.

"If I don’t have meetings, I put on a t-shirt. I do not want to be a distanced leader from my employees. I fill the fridge, assemble furniture, and whatever else is needed for us to be successful together.”

The Nordics are just the beginning

Creditro was founded in 2017 and provides software solutions to auditing, law, and financial companies for compliance, credit ratings, and fraud prevention.

Their database today has more than 45 nationalities in rotation, and the new Managing Director has high ambitions.

"We must be the leading AML, KYC, and credit rating platform in the North, and that is just the beginning," concludes Patrick T. Rasmussen.


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