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Visma appoints T. Alexander Lystad as new Chief Technology Officer

Visma, a leading provider of mission critical cloud software, announces the appointment of T. Alexander Lystad as new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Lystad joined Visma as a software developer in 2012. Since 2021 he has held the position as Director of Cloud & Engineering, advising Visma-companies on areas like software architecture and cloud technology. 

As one of the architects behind Visma’s methodology for technical due diligence, he has led more than 100 such processes related to Visma’s acquisitions in recent years. Lystad also serves as a board member of several Visma companies, including Beeple, Therapieland and Visma Real Estate.

“I'm thrilled to take on the role of CTO at Visma. We are a leading cloud software company, and I believe Visma is perfectly set up for continued success in this rapidly changing world. I’m looking forward to working with my talented and passionate colleagues to ensure that we translate our advantages into innovative products that have a positive impact on society”, Lystad says.

“I’m delighted to have T. Alexander Lystad in place as our new CTO, and especially pleased that we found the right candidate in-house. Alex and his team will ensure that Visma continues to use the latest and most advanced technology to deliver smart and secure software to our customers”, says Merete Hverven, CEO of Visma.

Lystad succeeds Christian Westlye Larsen, who has decided to pursue an opportunity outside of Visma.


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