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Visma becomes leading provider in GovTech for physical domain in the Netherlands through acquisition of Nazca and Genetics

Visma, European leader in cloud software, has acquired New Generation Software Group (NGSG) from IceLake Capital. NGSG is a joint force of Nazca and Genetics, both GovTech specialists. With the acquisition, Visma strengthens its position as a technology partner for government organisations to solve challenges such as the design of the living environment and the improvement of environmental quality.

Macroeconomic factors, such as the energy transition, housing shortages, digitalisation, and changing laws and regulations, compel government organisations to be supported by modern technology. This ensures they generate the right information in time for the successful implementation of policy in cooperation with citizens and businesses.

Through the acquisition of NGSG, Visma expands its presence in the government sector with its chain partners. Through its solution Bodem Digitaal Op de Kaart (BDOK), Nazca offers rapid scanning and reports for engineering firms and infrastructure companies, enabling them to analyse and check soil before excavation. Because the solution is cloud-based, municipalities and real estate agents also use it to collect, analyse and share environmental data.

Genetics provides SaaS solutions that simplify permit processes for municipalities, provinces, water boards and environmental organisations.

Through Visma Roxit and iAsset, among others, Visma already serves a large number of government organisations and chain partners with standardised cloud solutions for the design and management of the physical environment. With the addition of New Generation Software Group, Visma now also offers configurable SaaS solutions for the issues of large and complex government organisations.

"The housing challenge, climate adaptation and energy transition are major challenges that we at Visma want to facilitate by offering solutions to our clients,” said John Reynders, Area Director Benelux at Visma. “We use cloud solutions to support government organisations in making the right information available at the right time. As Visma, we want to have a strong position in this because this topic fits in perfectly with our vision: shaping the future of society through technology. We are therefore very pleased and proud that New Generation Software Group has joined Visma. In this way, we can all contribute to a better society."

Bayram Demir, CEO at New Generation Software Group, said, "Municipalities, provinces, water boards and security regions face enormous challenges when it comes to the physical domain. We are convinced that implementation can only succeed if the parties involved work closely together. By joining Visma, we can strengthen ourselves through collaboration with other GovTech companies affiliated with Visma. We will continue to do what we are good at. Simultaneously, great opportunities arise to develop cloud solutions that simplify processes in the physical domain through collaboration."

Genetics and Nazca will continue to operate under their own brand names as independent entities within the Visma Group. However, they will collaborate with other Visma GovTech companies in the Benelux. By broadening its product and customer portfolio, Visma becomes the market leader in cloud software for spatial development, licensing, supervision and enforcement, and information systems for underground infrastructure.

About Nazca
Nazca provides innovative services tailored to selected markets, namely government, transport and logistics, and ground operations. These leading services contribute to the careful and complete conversion of location-related data into useful information — information that can be applied in the improvement of smart-city applications, transport and logistics, and the effective management of cables and pipes underground.

About Genetics
Genetics has been providing total ICT solutions and services to the government since 1993. These solutions and services range from providing and implementing standard and customised software to training and supporting users. With a team of experienced computer scientists and specialists, Genetics focuses primarily on the field of licensing, supervision and enforcement (VT&H). Genetics is the partner of choice for municipalities, provinces, government agencies, water boards, safety regions, regional executive agencies and other partnerships.


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