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Visma enters Croatia with acquisition of eInvoicing provider Moj eRačun

Joining forces to drive the digital transformation of Croatian businesses.

Visma enters Croatia with acquisition of eInvoicing provider Moj eRačun

Visma has acquired Moj eRačun, a leading provider of SaaS business tools in Croatia. Founded in 2014, Moj eRačun is at the forefront of digitalizing administrative processes in the country, pioneering solutions for eInvoicing and document management systems through its comprehensive my eOffice suite.

"We are excited to enter the Croatian market by welcoming Moj eRačun to the Visma family, marking yet another milestone in our European expansion. Moj eRačun's innovative approach to simplifying business processes and its dedication to customer satisfaction aligns with our mission. Together, we will continue to drive the digital transformation of businesses in Croatia", says Merete Hverven, CEO of Visma.

Moj eRačun’s cloud solutions easily integrate with more than 400 ERP systems, making it a natural choice for Croatian businesses preparing for the introduction of mandatory B2B invoicing from 2025.

"Moj eRačun has always been committed to enhancing competitive edge and operational efficiency for businesses in Croatia. Joining Visma not only validates our efforts, but also propels us to greater heights with enhanced resources and expertise. We're thrilled at the prospect of bringing even more value to our users and accelerating eBusiness innovations”, says Marko Emer, CEO and founder of Moj eRačun.

Despite the change of ownership, Moj eRačun will continue to operate as an independent company, with the same management and brand.

33 countries and counting

For Visma, Europe’s leading provider of mission-critical software, the entry into the Croatian market follows the expansion into countries like Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal and France in the last three years.

The Group now consists of more than 180 software companies in 33 countries, serving 1.8 million customers in Europe and Latin America, with products spanning both the private and public sectors.

“As we continue to grow and expand the Visma family to new markets, we also reinforce our commitment to advancing digital solutions across Europe. As the largest entrepreneurial network of SaaS companies in the region, we have a compelling offering both for customers looking for the best business tools, but also for software entrepreneurs looking for a partner to accelerate their growth”, says Hverven.

For more information, please contact:

Lage Bøhren, Director of Communications at Visma, +47 921 57 801

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Nebojsha Mihajlovski, Business Area Director at Visma, +47 941 39 858

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Marko Emer, CEO of Moj eRačun

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About Visma

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About Moj eRačun

Founded in 2014, Moj eRačun is Croatia’s leading provider of eInvoicing services, with a product suite that facilitates full digitization of administrative processes for all business entities. With innovative services like my eAccount, my DMS, my Archive, and my BI, Moj eRačun is dedicated to boosting efficiency, enhancing control of business processes, and reducing costs to strengthen competitiveness among Croatian businesses. Read more at


Lage Bøhren

Lage Bøhren

Director of Communications


+47 921 57 801

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