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Visma enters the German software market

Visma has acquired the Berlin-based software companies H&H and BuchhaltungsButler, marking the Group’s first entry into Germany.

Visma is Europe’s number one provider of mission-critical cloud software to SMEs and the public sector, providing ERP solutions for areas like accounting, payroll and HRM. 

“We continue our European growth journey by welcoming H&H and BuchhaltungsButler to the Visma family. Germany represents an exciting market opportunity for us, and we will support our new companies to accelerate their growth”, says Merete Hverven, CEO of Visma.

After making a total of 42 acquisitions in 2022, including a first market entry in France, the Visma Group now consists of 170 companies across Europe and Latin America. 

Visma plans to continue growing in Germany through selective acquisitions that fit the company’s strategic position.

Moving to the cloud

With digitalisation and IT security high on the European agenda, businesses and organisations are increasingly moving away from traditional on-prem software to more secure, efficient and easily connectable cloud solutions.

This is also the case in Germany, where new legislation like the online access bill, Onlinezugangsgesetz, requires increased digitalisation of public administration and services, a process that favours cloud technology. 

Germany´s cloud transition is expected to be further enhanced by an increasing number of SMEs discovering the benefits of cloud ERP systems to automate manual and time-consuming processes.

“At Visma we pride ourselves on developing software that makes work more enjoyable, and societies more efficient. We believe that businesses that invest in the latest digital tools will have a competitive edge, both in the marketplace and in the fierce competition for new talent”, Hverven says.

Entering two segments

H&H (H&H Datenverarbeitungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft) is a leading software provider to municipalities in Germany, covering the needs of more than 800 public administrations with a clear growth path.

Through its main product proDoppik, H&H offers a comprehensive commercial ERP solution for areas like accounting, invoicing, budget preparation and collection of taxes, to management of fixed assets and financial investments.

"We are convinced that we can use Visma's technological expertise and experience from the public sector in the Nordic and Benelux countries to advance digitalisation of local government in Germany", says Frank Henning, CEO and founder of H&H.

BuchhaltungsButler is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company founded in 2015, which develops financial management software with a focus on accounting automation. The core clientele are small businesses.

“For us at BuchhaltungsButler, personal integrity and sustainable business development have always been key factors behind our success. In Visma we have found a strong partner that shares these values, and will open up new possibilities for further growth”, says Maximilian Zielosko, CEO of BuchhaltungsButler.

Visma’s governance model is built on autonomy, trust in local knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit. Most companies acquired by Visma continue under their own brand and management, and this will also be the case for H&H and BuchhaltungsButler.

“We’re the largest network of SaaS-companies in Europe. Software entrepreneurs that join Visma can tap into a unique ecosystem of knowledge sharing and infrastructure, to further grow and develop their companies”, Hverven says.


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