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Visma expands its offering to Latvian SMEs with the acquisition of Jumis Pro

The acquisition allows Visma to broaden its accounting and business management offerings in Latvia.

The acquisition allows Visma to broaden its accounting and business management offerings in Latvia.

Visma Latvia has acquired Jumis Pro, welcoming them as the fourth Visma company in the country. Visma acquired the company from SIA Tilde, a Baltic company specialising in technology localisation. Jumis Pro will continue to operate as a separate entity within Visma.

Jumis Pro is provider of Tildes Jumis, a suite of accounting and business management systems, used by more than 10,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in Latvia, including accounting service providers.

In Latvia, the Visma group is most widely known for its development and distribution of the ERP system Visma Horizon, which is used by a large number of large and medium-sized organisations. Visma also offers business intelligence, system integration and development solutions for both public and private sector organizations in the country.

Viesturs Slaidiņš, Chairman of the Board of SIA Jumis Pro had this to say: “Joining the Visma Group is an opportunity to bring the innovations developed by our specialists in Latvia to the world. We are already working on several solutions that will be valued by finance managers and company managers alike. We work very seriously on the automation of accounting processes, involving artificial intelligence solutions, as well as making the program even more suitable for the needs of remote or flexible workplaces. Maintaining close ties with customers, including organising training events and allowing them to participate in the development of our products, will continue to be the cornerstone of the company's operations.”

Merete Hverven, CEO of Visma adds, “We are very satisfied with the addition of Jumis Pro to the Visma family. The company’s solutions are valued by customers, and the company has a talented team that is enthusiastic and committed to the further development of the product. We will now be able to offer SMEs in Latvia an even better offering of accounting and business management solutions.”

Antra Zālīte, Chairman of the Board of SIA Visma Enterprise sums up: “Tildes Jumis is a great solution for small companies with standardised accounting requirements, while Visma Horizon is a great solution for larger organisations with broader customisation needs. Visma will give Latvian customers the opportunity to choose between two resource management systems and thus confidently claim that we are able to offer the most suitable business management solution for any Latvian organisation.”

The agreement stipulates that the amount of the acquisition will not be disclosed.

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About SIA Jumis Pro
SIA Jumis Pro is engaged in the development and maintenance of the accounting system Tildes Jumis. Formed as an independent company in August 2020 after separating from SIA Tilde, its team now consists of 16 people. The growth of the Tildes Jumis system in recent years has been largely driven by a focus on user needs and innovations, such as mobile application development, e-invoicing, a more user-friendly environment, the human resources and payroll solution Tildes Jumis Staff, integration with the SRS EDS system and rapid integration of the latest legal requirements into the system.


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