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Visma expands its offering with Temponizer – provider of business-critical HRM solutions

Visma takes another strategic step by acquiring Temponizer, a leading provider of SaaS solutions for temp agencies in the private and public market in Denmark.

Temponizer specialises in business-critical software solutions for temp agencies and offers a leading digital and user-friendly all-in-one solution for their clients. Their solution is a perfect match with Visma's existing software suite.

"We are constantly looking for groundbreaking SaaS solutions. Temponizer provides a powerful solution that effectively automates processes for both temp agencies, their employees and customers. In turn, we can support and optimise Temponizer's solution with our well-established infrastructure," explains Monika Juul Henriksen, Managing Director of Visma Enterprise.

"There is an enormous untapped potential for automating heavy and complex administrative HRM processes in many companies. The crisis we are experiencing right now has shed light on the importance of digitalisation to save time and ensure profits for companies," she continues.

Founder and Managing Director of Temponizer, Claus Alexander Rasmussen agrees:

"I am convinced that the acquisition will support our ambition to create even more value and more relevant and future-proof solutions for our customers. With the support of Visma, we can strengthen our position both in Denmark and other markets where Visma already has an established footprint," he says.

About Temponizer

Temponizer began its journey towards becoming the Nordic region's best software platform for temp agencies in 2011. Today, Temponizer is a booking and administration system that optimises the temp agencies' business. Both agencies, temps and customers can use the system, which frees up many time-consuming administration tasks. The company has about one dozen employees and is still growing steadily.


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