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Visma expands market share in Dutch healthcare sector with acquisition of ZilliZ

Visma has acquired ZilliZ, a fast-growing Dutch service provider offering an integrated electronic client file, including an administration system for small-scale care providers and partnerships. The rapid growth to market leader in this segment is the result of word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied users and implementation partners. The software is characterised by its user-friendliness and short implementation time. After Ecare and Therapieland, ZilliZ is Visma's third healthtech acquisition in the Netherlands.

The number of providers of small-scale care is growing rapidly. They provide care from different legislations, which means they regularly have to include multiple financial administration in their business operations. However, they often lack an extensive administrative department and knowledge of administrative processes.

ZilliZ (founded in 2006) offers these organisations an intuitive and complete electronic client file including an administrative system for correct invoicing to municipalities, healthcare offices and insurers. In addition to its user-friendliness, ZilliZ has an extensive support department to offer healthcare professionals maximum support.

"What sets ZilliZ apart is its focus on small-scale care and, in particular, the care providers themselves", says Rutger Buddingh’, Managing Director of ZilliZ. "We do this with a personal touch, accessible and affordable."

This philosophy is catching on. More than 4,000 small-scale care organisations work with ZilliZ for their care registration and administration. The company is now facing the next phase: further development of the platform, adding new functions and increasing visibility. In this way, ZilliZ can, for example, better cater to small-scale organisations that are agenda-driven. In order to make that move, ZilliZ has joined the Visma family.

Rutger Buddingh’: "We are pleased to be able to further shape our growth plans with the help of Visma in the area of technology. We are also looking forward to collaborating with other Visma companies that serve the healthcare sector, such as Ecare.”

John Reynders, Area Director of Visma Benelux: "Small-scale healthcare providers want to focus on care and not on bureaucracy. Still, they cannot escape administration, because complying with laws and regulations leads to administrative burdens. ZilliZ has fantastic software to give care professionals more time for providing care. In doing so, ZilliZ makes a concrete contribution to our mission: empowering people by simplifying and automating complex processes. We are pleased and proud that the market leader in the small-scale care segment is also joining Visma. This makes us even better able to serve the various types of healthcare organisations.”

ZilliZ will continue its business activities under its own name and with its current employees. The organisation will receive support from the tech and security hubs of Visma, among others, in order to take the next step. Also, as part of the Visma family, ZilliZ will collaborate with the other Visma companies in the healthcare ecosystem.

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About ZilliZ

ZilliZ was founded in 2006 with the aim of supporting expanded agriculture in the area of recreational services. In 2010, it became clear that there was a need for simple and smart ICT solutions to support care tasks on farms. A fully-fledged care administration system emerged from this need. In 2017, the focus was broadened to small-scale care in the Netherlands. In 2019, the VNG Berichtenapp (now the ZilliZ messaging app) and Dinz were acquired. Visit for more information.


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